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5 Reasons to Explore Alamosa this Spring

Skip the spring break crazies on the ski slopes and head to a quieter corner of Colorado: Alamosa in the San Luis Valley. At only 7,544 feet elevation, Alamosa is a warmer–and quieter–option for those eager to hit the highway for a road trip come springtime.

Things to Do in Williams, Arizona: Off-Season Edition

Williams, Arizona, is the crossroads of the American Southwest. From Grand Canyon National Park to Route 66 to rodeos, there’s plenty to explore in the area. Naturally, summer is the busiest season for visitors. However, since attractions remain open year-round, why not visit during one of the other equally enjoyable seasons? The only thing you have to lose are the crowds, heat and higher summer rates! Sounds like a no-brainer to us!

Midweek Getaway to Williams, Arizona

This three-day itinerary is the perfect way to explore the gateway town to Grand Canyon National Park without all the fuss of the busy season. Live like a local AND see all of Williams, Arizona’s favorite attractions when you visit during the off-season midweek.

Exploring Indigenous Heritage in the Rocky Mountain West

When traveling to National Parks and other beautiful places in the Rocky Mountain West, you also travel across the ancestral lands of many different Indigenous tribes. We have created a guide to help you feel prepared exploring Indigenous heritage in the Rocky Mountain West on your next road trip. Indigenous communities are still very much tied to the land, and you can create a positive experience for both yourself and these communities by visiting with gratitude and respect – prepared to learn about the local cultures and histories.

Spirit of America Road Trip: Explore the Kentucky Bourbon & Tennessee Whiskey Trails

For the ultimate American distillery road trip, look no further than the middle Southern states of Tennessee and Kentucky. Both states, respectively famous for their whiskey and bourbon production, are dotted with distilleries that boast strong spirits and natural beauty that lingers. Prepare to take in rolling pastures, remote hollers and scenic mountain ranges that seem to be frozen in a different time and place. This part of the lower Appalachian Mountains is an often misunderstood and underrated part of the American historical, cultural and geographic landscape. In these parts, you’ll find yourself getting lost down winding country roads that slice through some of America’s richest layers.

Spring into Adventure in West Yellowstone

Spring is one of the most exciting times of year in West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park. As the days grow longer, the landscape changes almost daily – snow lingers in the mountains, wildflowers begin to grow, and baby animals appear in the meadows.

Three Days in Logan & Cache Valley, Utah

Whether your day is filled with spinning gears or spinning reels, you’ll be ready to rest and relax by the time the sun sets. The college town of Logan in northern Utah is just the place.

Spend a Week in Navajo Nation

You could take decades to explore every corner of the Navajo Nation, but for those who have a little less time, we’ve designed this week-long itinerary. Dreamy sandstone canyons, larger-than-life dinosaur tracks, and rare desert waterfalls await.

Hot Springs, Wyoming: Perfect Destination for a Winter Getaway

One of Wyoming’s most well-known attractions is Yellowstone National Park. Millions of visitors travel to the national park each year, intrigued by its geothermal features. About 150 miles away from Yellowstone is the lesser-known destination of Thermopolis, WY, which is home to another geothermal attraction—Hot Springs State Park.

A Pastel Paradise in Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park is a colored rock paradise. Approachable nearly year-round, pictures don’t do justice as golden light pours over ponderosa and spruce forests into deep, pastel amphitheaters.

California from Sea to Yosemite: The Southern Central Valley

California’s Central Valley is the heartland of California. It stretches past farm stands, along country roads, and through uniquely artistic communities right to the gates of some of the nation’s most renowned national parks such as Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon. Follow this itinerary to explore the southern portion of this 400-mile long heart of California.

Pacific Ocean to Lush Forest: Explore California’s Northern Central Valley

Imagine a place with easy access to multiple national parks, flavor-filled farmlands, and mountain landscapes. Throw in rich history, international culture, and welcoming towns and cities, and you have California’s Central Valley. Follow this itinerary for a delicious, beautiful, authentic tour of the northern Central Valley.

Following the River through Casper, Wyoming

The North Platte River in Casper, Wyoming runs through history, from Indigenous people to the Oregon Trail, to world-class fly fishing.

Your Homes on the Road: Inns of the San Juan Skyway

History, adventure, and more stunning scenery than you can shake a stick at await on this loop in Southwestern Colorado. Can’t decide where to go? Let Inns of the San Juan Skyway plan your route through the area’s best adventures and historic inns.

5 Ways to Keep Kids Motivated and Having Fun on a Hike

If you’re outdoorsy and you’re a parent, chances are that you hope your kids grow up loving the outdoors as much as you do. You dream of family camping weekends and spring break trips spent paddling a river with them as teenagers.

10 Accessible Adventures in Arizona

The Grand Canyon State welcomes all visitors: including those with mobility, visual, and hearing challenges. Read on to discover the 10 best accessible adventures in Arizona in the guide below.

Yellowstone Safari Company

Yellowstone Safari CompanyPrivate and Small Group Safari Tours in  | (406) 586-1155A local, guide-owned and operated safari company offering award-wining, once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences in...

The Best Pet-Friendly Hikes Across America

Finding a hiking trail that you and your furry-friend can enjoy together can sometimes be a difficult task, as most National Parks don’t allow pets on trails. There are, however, plenty of amazing pet-friendly hikes around if you know where to look!

Escape the Heat: Visit Arizona this Summer

Over the course of five days, you’ll spy for bobcats and hawks, hike quiet trails beneath the famous red rocks of Sedona, and live the good life on a lake—whether that means days spent on the quad or in quiet reflection.

Fall Leaf-Peeping Road Trip: East Coast Style

September and October are special months on the East Coast. The leaves begin to turn colors, the temperatures drop to a comfortable chill, and Americans begin to embrace the Danish “hygge”—a mood of coziness and contentment. If there’s one place to be during the cozy fall months, it’s the Northeast. Between the coast of Maine and Acadia National Park, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, you’re sure to get your fill of fall foliage on this road trip.

Superior, Arizona: The next town you have to ‘discover’

Some towns carve out unique spaces for themselves as a true mountain destination. They have just the right vibe as you walk down the street, the perfect trails that you can easily find and enjoy on foot or on bike, and food so special that certain dishes will forever remind you of your time there. It takes history, the great outdoors, and intentionality on the part of the community to create a place that sticks out like this. And we just found a new one: Superior, Arizona.

Hi Again, Matthiessen: Colors and Canyons Outside of Chicago

If you’re living in my home city and you’re undecided if nature is your thing, or even if you’re visiting The Windy City and you want to pass on the horns and train rumblings for a while, start your day at this state park that offers hiking, a fort, beautiful canyons, and a WATERFALL!

Alternatives to 10 of America’s Most Popular National Parks

National parks have become increasingly popular over the past few decades, with the most popular parks receiving millions of visitors each year. While there’s no substitute for visiting America’s most-loved national parks, we’ve come up with a list of alternatives that are worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for less crowded places.

7 Ways to Experience Winter in Cody, Wyoming

Our love for the American West–and particularly places like Cody, Wyoming–runs deep all year long. That’s why we’ve rounded up seven of the best ways to experience a Cody’s wide-open spaces this winter. Located just east of Yellowstone National Park and founded by William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, it’s no wonder this western town is a treasure-trove of outdoor activity, making ‘natural distance’ easy. We think you’ll find there’s something fun for the whole family, no matter what the forecast says!

6 Ways to Experience Cheyenne Chic

Cheyenne, Wyoming is a veritable goldmine for cowboy culture. Known worldwide as the home of the Daddy of ‘em all Rodeo and Cheyenne Frontier Days, this bustling city is Western through and through. But what if you happen to find yourself in Cheyenne at any other time during the year? We’re so glad you asked! Here are six chic ways to enjoy a side of Cheyenne you haven’t met yet. This unexpected take on Cheyenne is artistic, historic, and delicious—a perfect combination for year-round fun.

3 Adventurous Days in Greater Zion, Utah

If you’re looking to get the most out of your next vacation, there’s really no better place than Greater Zion. Between lounging in resort pools with unobscured canyon views and hiking exposed ridges in Zion National Park, there is so much to be seen and done in this part of southwest Utah. Nestled alongside the Virgin River, Greater Zion is truly a unique area.

Yosemite: Nothing else like it

Yosemite. One word, four syllables. Not a lot in the way of descriptions, but with Yosemite, it’sall you need. That one word conjures up cloud-crowned heights with crested waterfalls tumbling over the lips of granite monoliths; of deep valleys with quiet streams following their own path through western pines; of meadows with horizonic views. It is a word of Iconic Grandeur.

Nevada’s Hidden Treasures

With about 85% of their total land space firmly in the public domain, Nevada is one of the few states in the United States where you can roam free. In this itinerary, we are going to show you the whole of the state, from north to south, east to west, and a few hidden gems in between.

Enrich Your Yellowstone Experience In Dubois, Wyoming

The fascinating geology of your Yellowstone experience certainly doesn’t end at the park gate. With 360-degree views, you can see all of Dubois, as well as three types of mountain building processes (volcanic, tectonic, glacial) from the town overlook.

10 Best Things To Do When Visiting a National Park

There are so many fun things to do in national parks that planning your trip can quickly become overwhelming. While many travelers choose to simply drive in for the day and take some pictures, we recommend exploring each national park on a deeper level. Learn about the geologic or natural history of the area or experience unique outdoor activities. To be qualified as a national park by the National Park Service, only 3% of the entire park area can be used for infrastructure, such as highways, trails, campsites, visitor centers, and lodges, while the other 97% is protected land. With all that space, there are hundreds of unique things to do in national parks, but this list of absolute can’t-miss things is a good place to start.

Glacier National Park: Crown of the Continent

Established in 1910, Glacier National Park is one of the oldest national parks in America. It’s often called the “Crown of the Continent.” The awe-inspiring scenery is seemingly endless with 25 named glaciers, 762 lakes, 175+ named mountains and over 200 named...

Maple Pass Loop: One of the Best North Cascades Hikes

The fact that North Cascades National Park is one of the least visited US national parks is surprising, to say the least. The Cascade Mountains are stunning, and anyone planning a trip to or through Washington should be sure to take time to appreciate this area. A great way to see the beauty of the North Cascades is to take a hike. One of the best North Cascades hikes is Maple Pass Loop. This hike has breathtaking views of snowcapped mountains, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and wildflowers. Plus, it’s a loop, so you get new scenery every step of the way.

Best Kept Secrets Along the West Coast, USA

Summer is always a popular time to travel. However, when it comes to planning your trip to the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, it’s time to change it up. Fall is the ideal time to visit since crowds have dispersed, colors are breathtaking, outdoor activities are at their best, and the culinary scene is mouth-watering. Discover the perfect activity-packed, fall vacation as you take a journey around the Northwest section of Highway 101 on the West Coast, USA. To fully enjoy your time, be sure to plan ahead, make reservations, and always recreate responsibly.

Family Trip to Yellowstone Gone Wrong, or Just Right?

I have lived in Wyoming my entire life, besides a year long stint in Idaho. Unfortunately, I can count on one hand the times I have been to Yellowstone National Park. My husband was set to deploy with the military the first week of July, 2019. On June 28th, 2019 I got the harebrained idea that we were going to have one last “Hurrah” and take a family camping trip to Yellowstone.

Yellowstone North Entrance: The Best Town to Stay In

Just an hour drive from the Yellowstone north entrance, Livingston, Montana is something out of an old-fashioned western fairytale. The small town is nestled between four stunning mountain ranges and lies alongside the Yellowstone River. From historic hotels and local beef dinners to world-class fishing and waterfall hikes, Livingston is easily one of the best year-round options for a home base when visiting Yellowstone National Park.

Virtual Travel: 48 Places You Can Visit Right Now

We can’t always just jump in the car and head out on a road-trip to our favorite National Parks. You know the feeling when life gets busy and when you are really feeling the need to take a vacation but just can’t? We feel it too, and we have a little something to help you through! Here are a few places that you can visit via webcam livestreams and pano cams.

6 Things To Do When Visiting Yellowstone in Winter

Visiting Yellowstone in winter can be an experience of a lifetime. This national park wows any time of the year, but during the winter, it really is something special. Sparse crowds, snow-blanketed landscapes, and incredible wildlife sightings make winter one of the best times to visit Yellowstone National Park.
However, some extra planning is required to visit Yellowstone in winter. Due to many of the park’s roads being closed, the logistics of a winter visit are slightly more complex than for a summer visit. Check out this list of things to do when visiting Yellowstone in winter along with some other recommendations and helpful tips.

The Perfect Cellar Season Road Trip through the Willamette Valley

Nestled between the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountain Range, Oregon’s Willamette Valley offers an incredible variety of year-round activities. Our favorite time to visit is during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall; a time the locals have affectionately come to call “cellar season.” That’s when the trails are quieter, access to local wineries and restaurants is uncrowded, and you can take advantage of the newest Pacific Northwest craze—truffle hunting! There are countless ways to explore the Willamette Valley, but this three-day road trip is a great place to start.

The Ultimate West Coast USA Road Trip: Cascade Loop

Known as the best road trip in Washington, the Cascade Loop is a 440-mile route that winds through a large part of the state, including North Cascades National Park. From the sea to the mountains, this large loop gives visitors the chance to experience the diverse landscape that Washington has to offer. 

7 Unique Bucket List Ideas for Travel in 2022

It’s the beginning of the new year, making it the perfect time to find unique bucket list ideas for this year’s travel adventures! From the East to the West Coast and a bunch of awesome places in-between, we got together some of our favorite hidden gems for you to add to your must-visit list! Happy planning!

Granite & Gold in Tuolumne County, California

Gold and granite have been enticing visitors to central California since the mid-1800’s. All around Tuolumne County there are nods to the region’s roots, from Gold Rush era experiences to fantastic museums that educate visitors on the state’s history. Meanwhile, granite continues to beckon travelers from around the world to the same area. Tourists still flock to the Yosemite area to witness the breathtaking domes, sheer walls that reach sky-high, and waterfalls that drop to the valley floors. The combination of granite and gold make Tuolumne County one of the most interesting places to visit.

Escape the Crowds with a Road Trip in UpState California

California is a simply astounding place. It stretches for 900 miles along the west coast of the United States and encompasses world-famous gems such as Yosemite National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and many more. But along with such well known destinations come tons of tourists. Escape the crowds with a road trip to the Shasta Cascade region of UpState California. Here, there are just as many outdoor adventures to experience with a fraction of the traffic!

3 Vibrant Fall Days in Eastern Idaho’s Yellowstone Teton Territory

Fall brings a vibrant show of colors in Eastern Idaho’s Yellowstone Teton Territory. With leaves changing through September and early October, it’s a great time to be outside and soak in the beauty. The valley starts to cool off in the fall, but there are still plenty of accessible outdoor activities to enjoy. Sounds of elk bugling ricochet through the hills, and being able to witness the elk rut is a special event. Spend at least a few days exploring eastern Idaho this fall, and you’ll fall in love with what you find.

Idaho Falls: Your Jumping Off Point to National Parks

Although the words “falls” and “jumping off” are normally a dangerous combination, that’s not the case in Idaho Falls, Idaho. It’s the perfect “jumping off” point to national parks and other unique sites and experiences. 

10 Experiences in the top 5 Destinations of Wyoming’s Wind River Country

While most folks who visit Yellowstone pass through Jackson on their way, there is a road less travelled. Drive Highway 287/26 and discover the hidden gems and real Western towns that make up Wyoming’s Wind River Country. Experience authentic rodeos, spot mustangs roaming the plains, and maybe even find some gold! Welcome to the true West.

Best Places to Visit in Maine: America’s Most Northeastern State

Welcome to Maine! The most Northeastern state of the United States is defined by jagged coastline, rolling mountains, heavily forested interior, and picturesque waterways. It is also recognized by its seafood cuisine, especially lobster and clams. Do you like the sound of amazing food, great scenery and a chance to visit one of the most expansive wilderness areas on the East Coast? Then buckle up, because this itinerary is full of some of the best places to visit in Maine!

The Western Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes are one of the most unique areas in the world. With a total surface area of nearly 32,000 square miles, the lakes span a vast area from New York to Minnesota. This itinerary is going to take you through some of the best the western regions has to offer.

The Golden Coast of Southern California

The land of movie stars, celebrities, walks of fame and the Golden Coast, Southern California is known to the world around as a premier destination, but Southern California is so much more than just the Golden Coast, and in this itinerary we are going to take you inland as well to experience everything SoCal has to offer.

The Epic Coast to Coast Route

From the shores of the Atlantic to the Golden Coast of California, this coast to coast route will take you in a line across the United States from east to west, and will give you a taste of the life of the great American cities and the national parks along the way.

Durango Train: ride back to the American Wild West

Each year, Durango, Colorado welcomes thousands of travelers. Families, couples, and solo travelers of all ages are attracted by the promise of a new adventure, just as American pioneers once were.

The Hidden Treasures of the West Coast

The Northwest is one of the United States’ great hidden treasures, from rocky coastlines to fog shrouded mountains, desert basins and world-class cities, this trip will give you an experience of some of the best this country has to offer.

National Parks and the Colorado Peaks

Colorado has some of the most staggeringly beautiful landscape in the world, and you will be seeing all it has to offer as you travel the state along the spine of the Rocky Mountains, then down into the desert basin, before heading north again to Pikes Peak.

Southeastern National Parks

The Deep South of the United States is full of rolling hills, flowing rivers, sun-soaked beaches and several Southeastern national parks. In this trip, you will get to experience it all and create memories of a lifetime along the way.

The National Parks and the Mighty East Coast Road Trip

Get ready to experience some of the most unique cities and parks the United States has to offer on this East Coast road trip. You’ll visit some of the most famous cities not only in this country, but in the world, as well as some of the most beautiful landscapes the East Coast has to offer.

A Yellowstone Trip that Includes Utah and Idaho

This trip will take you through four states and two national parks and one superb national monument. You travel along the Rocky Mountains and down into the High Plains in this classic western road trip.

The Best Trip to Montana and the National Parks

Montana has some of the most staggeringly beautiful landscape in the world, and you will be traveling this state from the very top to the very bottom, before slipping into Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park.

Salt Lake City, the National Parks and Fossil Butte National Monument

This Salt Lake City route will take you on some of the same routes of discovery and exploration as America’s earliest pioneers. The route will take you from one of the united state’s biggest city to some of its smallest, with a barrel-full of beautiful scenery along the way.

National Parks: How Do You Get There?

There is a reason visitors flock to America’s National Parks every year. Unprecedented beauty, untrammeled wilderness and an experience of a lifetime are all reasons that most major National Parks float to the top of every persons bucket list. But in order to experience the majesty of these parks, you first have to get there. The following is a guide to the five biggest International airports nearest to some of America’s most popular National Parks.

The Poconos; All the Splendor of Fall

As autumn descends on the forested Mountains in Pennsylvania the local roadside farm stands fill with pumpkins, squash and festive scarecrows. The Poconos region is just a two-hour drive from both New York City and Philadelphia, making it the perfect weekend destination to get out and enjoy a natural landscape full of romance and whimsy. In the Mountains fall foliage reaches its peak with the rolling hills covered in orange, red, and yellow trees, like a rainbow of cotton candy as far as the eye can see.

Snowmobiling through Yellowstone: A 2-day stay in Jackson, Wyoming

Starting from Jackson, Wyoming, we embarked on a snowmobiling tour through Yellowstone. It was one of the most amazing experiences we could have imagined, but let’s begin from the start.

We’re originally from Germany and were looking for a special adventure for our two day stay in Jackson, Wyoming. So, little did we know that we would be met by positive surprises building up to our first Yellowstone National Park visit.

Carbon County – Rooted In History With An Eye Toward the Future

As we race through our hectic lives with things to do, places to be, and people to see it’s easy to overlook the importance of taking a moment to slow down. Unfortunately, in our society speed is a reward because going going going means you’re getting more done, which is more rewarding, right? Well, in my opinion sometimes slowing down is the true reward. For this exact reason, southern Carbon County, Wyoming is the perfect spot. Let me tell you about this hidden gem between the trees that offers you history, views and the reward of slowing down.

Grand Rapids for the Outdoor Explorer

Grand Rapids, Michigan has a burgeoning outdoor scene. This city boasts an excellent urban atmosphere with incredible restaurants, attractions and live music, but underneath it all is a rapidly-growing outdoors scene. Here are a few ways to catch some fresh air and get the most out of this awesome city!

4 Ways to Soak up the Water in Idaho Falls

Pay a visit to Heise Hot Springs. This place is every bit beautiful as it is historic. Built just before 1900, Richard Heise created a recreational compound, complete with a dance hall, pools, hotel, and post office. Heise beckoned travelers from all over to come and cure their aches and pains. Today, Heise still maintains a wonderful mixture of fun and relaxation for visitors near Idaho Falls.

Washakie County: Cloud Nine in Cloud Peak Wilderness

Wyoming is always full of surprises. Certainly, Bighorn National Forest near Washakie County is one of those delightful surprises, a cluster of mountains in north-central Wyoming. In the middle of that forest lies the pristine Cloud Peak Wilderness.

5 Must-See Places in Wind River Country

Wyoming’s Wind River Country is a region that contains one of the most diverse landscapes I’ve ever seen. From lush forests with waterfalls to desert badlands, this part of Wyoming has it all. I was fortunate enough to explore this area for a weekend. The amount of things to do here blew me away. With literally hundreds of great spots in Wind River County, I’ve narrowed it down to five top destinations for you.

Historic Trains of the Old West: Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad could offer the best historic train rides in the west. The company, home to a 12,000 square foot museum, sits in the idyllic town of Durango. It’s a stone’s throw from Mesa Verde National Park, Hovenweep National Monument, and many great state parks. Parks aside, the D&SNGR (Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad) offers its own wealth of brilliant activities.

Couple your trip to Zion with a visit to St. George

There is no doubt that hiking The Narrows and scrambling up to Angels Landing are high on your list during your visit to Zion National Park. These iconic hikes make Zion one of the most unique National Parks in the country. Once you’re ready to move past the crowds in Zion, retreat to St. George and discover what this scenic, adventure-worthy destination has to offer.

Kemmerer and Its Little Secrets: The Oyster Ridge Music Festival and Fossil Butte

When you’re about to hit the roads of the West, you might Google something like “top travel destinations in Wyoming.” Well, Kemmerer, in Wyoming’s Lincoln County, is home to one especially intriguing top destination—Fossil Butte National Monument. It’s one of the richest paleontological sites (a place in which remains of ancient living organisms are preserved) in the world. The quality of fossils found here, and their rich diversity, is world-renowned.

11 Tips for Surviving Family Travel this Summer

Summer is here, and while we’re all excited for a vacation, family travel always the relaxing experience you’re looking for. Traveling with the family can be stressful, but with these 11 tips, you’ll stay cool as a cucumber.

National Parks in the United States

Need some help planning your national park road trip? We’ve compiled a list of U.S. national parks by state. Check them off state-by-state or pick a route! Either way,

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