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3 Winter Activities in the Eastern Idaho Yellowstone Teton Territory

A quiet and laid-back winter vacation, that’s also affordable and authentic? Yes please! The Eastern Idaho Yellowstone Teton Territory offers travelers adventure, rest and rejuvenation that won’t rob their wallets. From skiing the slopes of Kelly Canyon to a low-key ski tour to Upper Mesa Falls, adventures come in every size. This 3-day loop is recommended for travelers venturing from Idaho Falls, but can be easily modified for any vacation. 

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3 Vibrant Fall Days in Eastern Idaho’s Yellowstone Teton Territory

Fall brings a vibrant show of colors in Eastern Idaho’s Yellowstone Teton Territory. With leaves changing through September and early October, it’s a great time to be outside and soak in the beauty. The valley starts to cool off in the fall, but there are still plenty of accessible outdoor activities to enjoy. Sounds of elk bugling ricochet through the hills, and being able to witness the elk rut is a special event. Spend at least a few days exploring eastern Idaho this fall, and you’ll fall in love with what you find.

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Can’t Miss Experiences – Pocatello, Idaho

Pocatello checked a lot of travel boxes for me. There were plenty of outdoor experiences, yet when the rain came, I found endless museums to explore. The food exceeded my expectations, and I fell in love with the neon signs downtown. I felt like life ran at a slower pace, and made for a wonderful vacation. In no particular order, here are some experiences that you should hit when visiting Pocatello, Idaho–the “Gateway to the Northwest”.

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Southeast Idaho: Road Trip on the Water

Technically I drove my way through Southeast Idaho, but I connected all points of interest following the allure of the state’s fresh, natural waters. I found turquoise blue water, naturally carbonated water, and even natural hot springs that seemed to cure every ail imaginable. With a swimsuit and a pair of water-ready sandals, I hit the road.

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Idaho Falls, A Welcoming Community

Having just arrived in Idaho Falls I stepped out and looked at the water then down the path. I couldn’t hear her, but I could see her coming towards me.

She was rocking a hot pink helmet and carving back and forth on a skate board of the same color. Directly behind her were two friends pushing along on scooters. The falls in the background provided a gentle hum to the surroundings. Children cruised back and forth while couples strolled hand in hand with the falls acting as the pulse of the city.

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