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Camping for Beginners: Gear & More

Sleeping outside isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to give it a shot and not sure where to start, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to camping for beginners. For starters, know that you don’t need all of the best gear to start out with, you just need the basics. 

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What to Bring on a Hike: 11 Essentials

What to bring on a hike is an important question. Hiking should always be taken seriously, whether it’s a 2-mile jaunt or a 12-mile haul. In warm-weather areas, like Arizona, it’s common for folks to need rescue simply because they weren’t prepared with enough water. In colder, more mountainous areas folks often need rescue on “easy hikes” after taking a wrong turn or not having the right layers for unexpected weather.

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It’s easy to social distance in Carbon County, Wyoming!

Coloradoans like myself are seeking the outdoors more than ever. An unprecedented number of people are playing outside, occupying trails, and seeking fresh air. Though I have always considered myself sociable and courteous on trails, having to step off constantly and let others pass by while friendly trail banter is murmured under face coverings is somewhat tiring. Fortunately, our neighbor to the north is not only full of stunning countryside, but is also the least populated state in the USA. Just over the Colorado border, Carbon County, Wyoming has all the travel amenities one could need, plus a vast outdoor landscape to explore.

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10 Best Things To Do When Visiting a National Park

Choosing what to do when visiting a national park is not an easy task. There are just so many options! While most travelers just drive in, take some pictures at the lookouts, and might stay one to two nights in the park, we recommend exploring each national park on a deeper level. Learn about the geologic or natural history of the area or experience unique outdoor activities in the park. To be qualified as a national park by the National Park Service, only 3% of the entire park area could be used for infrastructure, such as highways, trails, campsites, visitor centers, lodges etc., while the other 97% are protected areas. There are at least over 100 things we could list when visiting a national park, however, we will only highlight the absolute must-do’s.

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It’s National Plan for a Vacation Day! Have you committed to taking time off?

Did you know that more than 768 million vacation days were left unused in 2019? People have a hard time committing to taking time off and spending those days relaxing or traveling. So, in honor of January 28th, National Plan for Vacation Day, we’ve created some tips to help you take a vacation! Whether you decide to plan a simple staycation or travel abroad, you deserve a break and should take advantage of your time off.

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Wildlife Watching, No Binoculars Necessary

Though your travel plans have been delayed, the wildlife of the world are going about their routines as usual, and probably enjoying a little extra personal space! We live in an amazing world where your connection to wildlife doesn’t have to be cut off any more than your connection with your human loved ones. It may not be a Zoom family dinner or a birthday party parade, but you can still go wildlife watching online, no binoculars necessary. Here are some of our favorites:

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Check Out These Towns from Your Home!

We found some great tools to aid your daydreaming as you follow the recommendation to “dream now, visit later.” Get a taste of these great towns by checking out their impressive virtual tours.
Start by strolling through Stockton, California. The virtual tour is easy to use, and it starts with an overview of town and then moves from one point of interest to the next under your direction. As you cover the sidewalks and streets between locations throughout town, you start to develop an understanding of the city. You can even enter some buildings to preview those experiences.

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