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Summer Island Hop: The Ultimate Hawaiian Hiking Guide

From the culture to the land and the ridges to the sand, the Hawaiian islands and their uniqueness make one visit an unforgettable experience. Across all islands, though, one thing is for certain: the hiking is top-notch, and getting on the trails is a must for many. 

This read offers the coolest adventures across multiple islands to get the most out of your Hawaiian vacation. Odds are this tour of the islands will have you planning a return trip!

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The Best Pet-Friendly Hikes Across America

Finding a hiking trail that you and your furry-friend can enjoy together can sometimes be a difficult task, as most National Parks don’t allow pets on trails. There are, however, plenty of amazing pet-friendly hikes around if you know where to look!

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Astrophotography: Stargazing Souvenirs

Although it can get pretty complicated, astrophotography is quite simply the art of capturing the night sky in great detail. Astrophotography images usually consist of and center around the Milky Way and its core, which houses the densest collection of stars in the night sky.

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