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3 Days in Farmington, New Mexico

Tucked in the northwest corner of New Mexico sits the charming town of Farmington. A basecamp for adventure and culture, Farmington is packed full of great amenities to suit all styles of traveler. The following itinerary is geared toward a summer traveler in the area, but Farmington still offers outdoor recreation and interesting attractions year-round. Each day has options for a more laid-back traveler and others for the adrenaline junkie. Feel free to mix up the activities to get a real taste of Farmington!

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Grants, New Mexico’s Wild Spirit

Grants is a vibrant New Mexico community. Roughly an hour west of Albuquerque, the town is full of hidden gems that make it a stop that no Southwestern traveler would want to miss. Recently I spent some time exploring Grants, and I found something new around every corner. Had I not made this trip, I would have never known about this uncommon destination. Though there is more to do in Grants than I had time for, I’m excited to tell you about just a few of my favorite areas to experience and things to do in Grants, NM.

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Gallup: The Red Rock Balloon Rally

I visited the city of Gallup, in New Mexico, earlier this year. Not for nothing is it known as ‘The Native American Capital of the World’. I was there to experience the Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial, a celebration that brought together more than 20 tribes from across The West. The event highlighted the city’s innate passion for the arts through Native American dances, crafts shows, parades, and more. I witnessed all this, and knew I’d return to Gallup. Months later, at the beginning of December, I did, this time for the Red Rock Balloon Rally.

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63 National Parks in the United States

Need some help planning your national park road trip? We’ve compiled a list of U.S. national parks by state. Check them off state by state, or pick a route! Either way, we’ve got you covered.

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