The Best Ways to Relax in Arizona

Arizona is a veritable sanctuary for those seeking wellness and self-care. From the vortexes in Sedona to the hot springs outside Phoenix, almost every corner of the state has your wellbeing in mind.
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Massages in vineyards. Guided meditation beneath stunning scenery. Soothing mineral hot springs. It’s easy to relax in Arizona. Whether you are trying to fit in some you-time on an existing itinerary or are planning a trip for the whole family, be sure to include one of the six recommendations, below. 

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Vortex Healing in Sedona

Visit the Vortexes of Sedona

Let’s start with a legend—the energetic vortexes of Sedona. These directionally charged, spiraling energy centers appear at specific points throughout Red-Rock Country. Some say that they permeate every part of the region, and instill a sense of wellbeing to visitors who spend time here. Whether you lean into the spiritual side of things or not, it’s undeniable that Sedona has a special kind of energy. 

Find out for yourself by hiking to one of the four most powerful vortexes: Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, or Boynton Canyon. Each offers a variety of difficulty levels and scenic vistas. For those seeking enlightenment on a deeper level, consider a guided tour. From meditation to yoga, the Sedona community warmly shares their knowledge with travelers from afar. 

Breathe in the Lavender in AZ

Breathe in the Healing Powers of Lavender

Engage all your senses in your self-care quest by visiting Pine Creek Canyon Lavender Farm in the foothills of Tonto National Forest. This is one of our favorite lesser-known ways to relax in Arizona. (After all, lavender is a natural calming agent that encourages the parasympathetic nervous system to unwind.) Set on a historic farm dating back to the 1880s, this lavender operation is part olfactory delight, part wildlife preserve to Arizona’s largest ungulates: elk. In fact, the original inspiration for growing lavender here is because it is one of the few things elk won’t eat! 

Plan your trip around a weekend (when the farm is open to the public), and give yourself an entire day to wander the property. Learn about three distinct varieties of lavender grown here, from culinary to aromatic, and enjoy the mood-boosting sounds of Pine Creek in the background. The property boasts a farm store as well as cooking and baking classes that feature lavender ingredients. Lucky visitors might spot an elk–or an entire herd–during their visit. Be sure to view wildlife from afar!  

Collage of luxurious experiences including vineyards and massages in Arizona

Sample Arizona’s Award-Winning Wine

If have a penchant for savoring the notes of a local wine, Arizona is the destination for you. Go wine tasting in one of the state’s three unique wine regions: Sonoita, Willcox, or the Verde Valley. With over 30 wineries statewide, available ambiance ranges from serene to adventurous.

Customize your Arizona wine tasting experience to your liking. Feeling up for something active? Take a Water to Wine tour in Sedona and kayak down Oak Creek to Alcantara Vineyard. Or, hike Chiricahua National Monument before pulling up for a tasting in Willcox. Perhaps the most rejuvenating option, though, is to have a spa treatment in a vineyard. Page Spring Cellars just outside of Cottonwood offers 60-minute massage sessions followed by stone-fired pizza and wine pairings.

Scenic images of The Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

Connect with Nature in the Arizona State Capitol

If you find yourself in the urban heart of Phoenix and need an afternoon or evening to yourself, try the Japanese Friendship Garden. This living art garden, named RoHoEn, is an authentic 3.5 acre Japanese Stroll Garden with a tea garden and a tea house. It offers a few hours of peaceful respite, right within city limits.

Discover the garden at your own pace. This tranquil surroundings are constructed with hand-picked rocks, stone foot bridges, lanterns, and more than 50 varieties of plants. The path through the garden strolls past mellow streams, a 12-foot waterfall, and a Koi pond with over 300 colorful fish to complete the perfect low-stress antidote to any visit to the big city. 

Arizona Hot Springs

Soak Weary Muscles in Natural Hot Springs

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a whole-body soak. Leave the cold plunges for another time and enjoy a number of Arizona’s natural hot springs on your self-care journey. 

Those who prefer a more manicured experience can’t miss the luxurious splurge of Castle Hot Springs, located just over an hour from downtown Phoenix. Lined with palm trees and luxury bungalows, their naturally fed pools are available for guests only. Otherwise, head toward the town of Wikieup, where the fully natural Kaiser Hot Springs offers a 3-mile round trip adventure. Remember to follow all Appreciate AZ guidelines while exploring in Arizona! Find even more enticing hot spring options, here.

Indulge in Traditional Self Care: a Day at the Spa

Outdoor massage in scenic Arizona to relax

Of course, the ultimate recipe for self-care can oftentimes be found in the most obvious place: the spa. Arizona has no shortage of opulent options for pampering your mind and body. After practicing yoga at a vortex, make a reservation at the Wilde Sedona for a full-body treatment. Or, indulge in a tranquil afternoon by the pool at The Scott after a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden. No matter how you choose to relax in Arizona, you’re sure to depart feeling more rested and refreshed than when you arrived.

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