Three Days in Logan & Cache Valley, Utah

Whether your day is filled with spinning gears or spinning reels, you’ll be ready to rest and relax by the time the sun sets. The college town of Logan in northern Utah is just the place.
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You think you know Utah. Images of sandstone arches and red cliff walls pop into your mind’s eye. But there is more, and it’s time you spent time in the peaceful, surprising Cache Valley in the northernmost mountains of the Beehive State.

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This itinerary will give you three fun-filled days in Cache Valley. We’ve built the schedule like the spokes of a bike wheel branching out from the town of Logan—a hint about some of the fun you’ll be having!

Day 1: Scenic drives and hikes

The cliff walls of Logan Canyon in Cache Valley
Photo by David Rule

Today, you will arrive in Logan.

We say that with some weight, because your descent down Logan Canyon is an experience you won’t soon forget. It’s abundantly clear, with each turn, why this road is a National Scenic Byway. As you make your way down Logan Canyon to Cache Valley, you’ll find your eyes drawn to the colors of the limestone cliffs, to the hawks soaring below, and to the caves that make you wonder what animals might call this canyon home. Keep a sharp eye out for waterfalls and wildlife, and watch for trails and parking areas where you can explore without being behind the wheel. In some places, you’ll be greeted with interpretive displays that will teach you about the history of the area.

As you can see, there is a lot to appreciate, so take your time down Logan Canyon. In fact, make a day of it. Grab your water bottle and sunscreen and hike to the Wind Cave or Naomi Peak. The Wind Cave hike is particularly special, as the beautiful arches and caves were formed by wind and ice over eons. The views are tough to beat, but you may want to seek more out on the Crimson Trail, which walks along the side of the valley for nearly five miles.

Wind Cave in Cache Valley, Utah
Photo by David Rule

Once you arrive in town, you’ll be hungry! Grab a meal at one of Logan’s many restaurants, ranging from Indian to Mexican, Italian to Cajun, before settling in for the night in an elegant loft or peaceful B&B.

Day 2: Cruising trails and casting lines

Mountain bike at sign for River Trail in Logan, Utah
Photo by Emily Taylor

Today, you’ll put rubber to dirt! But you can leave the car in park after yesterday’s scenic drive. You can bike right from town to your chosen mountain bike trail. Start on the River Trail, which is a 10-mile round trip. If you choose, you can even go beyond to hit more technical trails, depending on your skill level and endurance.

If you perked up at “River” but lost interest at “bike,” pack your rod and flies instead of your helmet. There is great fishing access all along the Logan River in the canyon.

Logan River in Cache Valley, Utah
Photo by Emily Taylor

Whether your day is filled with spinning gears or spinning reels, you’ll be ready to slow down by the time the sun sets. Linger over a delicious dinner and spend the evening strolling through charming and historic downtown Logan. You’ll fall asleep with visions of what else you might discover in town tomorrow!

Day 3: Art, culture, and juxtaposition

Woman sitting at exhibit in Nora Eccles Harrison Art Museum in Logan, Utah
Photo by Emily Taylor

Logan is known as Utah’s Heart of the Arts for good reason. You’ll find inspiration and awe just walking through town. That’s why we scheduled today for slowing down, wandering, and observing. Exhibits at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art will fascinate and stick with you. If you’d rather see performing arts than modern art, Logan won’t disappoint—there are eight performance venues including three historic theaters within just a couple blocks downtown!

Finally, to tie all your indoor and outdoor, cultural and wildlife experiences in Cache Valley together, stop by the American West Heritage Center in Wellsville just south of Logan.Learn about early American history at this expansive outdoor living history museum. Spend some time with mountain men, pioneers, and farmers. Have you ever thrown a hatchet or milked a cow? Now’s your chance. You’ll also see bison and peacocks with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. When you head home, it will be with a truckload of favorite unique Utah memories from your three days in Cache Valley.

Peacock and mountains at American West Heritage Center Cache Valley Utah

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