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16 Places in the US That Look Like Real Life Winter Wonderlands

For some of us, spending time in places that are like real life winter wonderlands brings an almost indescribable joy. No doubt the Scandinavians have a word for it (think hygge or koselig) since they truly embrace winter. Being surrounded by snow-covered trees with snow gently falling makes the heart beat a little faster and you feel a little bit like a child that’s giddy with excitement.

Check out this list of places in the United States that experience near perfect winter weather. These are great destinations for those who love winter!

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Sounds of Silence in Utah’s Canyon Country

Since I turned 30, my days are literally speeding by. Rapidly. I find myself ingesting new information faster and at a higher rate than I stop to reflect on past experiences. When I travel, I notice myself stopping for a few quick photo ops and hurrying onto the next place. Over a luxurious 8 days though, I explored Utah’s Canyon Country in southeast Utah.

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Zion National Park Climbing Guidelines

Rock climbing is both an exciting and risky adventure. But when you reach the pinnacle of your journey, and are surrounded by unparalleled views of your surroundings, you’ll see it’s worth any challenges you face on your way! In order to get there, though, you’ll need to follow some basic rock climbing guidelines. This set of Zion National Park climbing guidelines will give you an idea of what to expect.

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24 Hours at City Creek Center, Salt Lake City’s Shopping Gem

The tinkling sounds of a trout-filled creek swept by as I sipped my morning coffee. Snow-capped peaks greeted my view in the distance, and aspen leaves gently rustled in the breeze in my periphery. The springtime sun felt good on my skin after what was a long, hard winter. This wasn’t your average morning in the mountains, though. I was sitting in the middle of City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, enjoying an orange-infused cold brew from Nordstrom eBar.

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National Parks or State Parks?

How do you choose between national parks and state parks, BLM land or national forests? When it comes to traveling the United States, everyone’s got something to say, but who do you trust? When you’re planning a U.S. road trip, it’s not easy to decide where to explore. Let us help. When you sit down to plan a trip, it’s easy to find yourself gazing at Google maps, wondering if the destination has enough activities and scenery for your travel needs, whether it will be cost-efficient, or whether the food will be half decent. In the debate of national parks vs. state parks, it’s clear that both have a lot to offer. One area might have a national monument, but its trails and loop drive clearly aren’t going to fill two weeks. Still, you notice a national forest area, a state park, and some BLM land within a stone’s throw. Which do you choose?

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Why You Should Camp on BLM Land

When my boyfriend and I were driving back from our epic weekend at Lake Powell, we could hardly resist spending a day in St. George. As avid climbers, the desert cliffs called our names. After a busy week, we were thrilled to spend the night car camping out among the Joshua trees on some of the best real estate in the country: our BLM land.

For two reformed dirt bags, camping on BLM land has been a way of life for both Kyle and myself. Waking up in beautiful places is a nice reminder that there are still wild places, and dirt roads that will lead you there. There are fewer places better to experience that sort of solitude than BLM land. Read on for your guide to BLM free campgrounds and conservation.

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Why we love winter in southwest Utah (and you should too!)

“Powder Alert!” In the days leading up to our trip, I am obsessively watching the Visit Cedar City Instagram account, and grinning every time I see this post. Snow has graced southwest Utah beautifully this year and in just a few days we’ll be shredding the pow (please, excuse this overused phrase). Finally it’s Friday, and we’re boarding our flight to St. George for a long weekend of Utah winter adventures.

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