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Beat the Heat: 5 Unexpected Places to Cool Off This Summer

Is it just us, or do summers feel like they got hotter and hotter every year? Beat the heat this year and take a road trip to get your mind off the sweaty shirt sticking to your back. Whether you’re looking for somewhere with less humidity, cooler temperatures, or just more water to jump in, we’ve put together this list of places that are perfect for summer travel!

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Alaska Road Trip Itinerary

Alaska is all about its glaciers, peaks, and parks. While many opt to cruise around the 49th state, taking an Alaska road trip lets you explore the state from a whole new perspective. Enjoy gorgeous mountain views, remote natural vistas, and some of America’s greatest national treasures. Welcome to Alaska!

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National Park Guidelines for a Fun and Safe Visit

From the beginning, national parks have been created and established to help preserve natural areas. And throughout the years, they have protected precious wilderness from being destroyed and erased by expanding human activity. In the interest of keeping these reserves around for years to come, we’d like to share some of the best ways to help maintain them. So, please, follow these general guidelines and inform yourself about specific for the national park you plan to visit.

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Treat Yo’ Self with a Luxury National Park Vacation

You like the idea of exploring nature, but when it comes to the actual exploring, you like it with a side of luxury. Your friends might not describe you as “outdoorsy.” If you like the idea of returning to a comfy bed, a hot shower, and a meal cooked by a five-star chef after a full day of adventures, you might want to consider a luxury national park vacation. It’ll be like Fyre Fest, except not at all.

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Maine Itinerary: USA’s Most Northeastern State

Ahh Maine! The 9th least populated state in the United States is defined by its jagged, rocky coastline, its low, rolling mountains, heavily forested interior, and picturesque waterways. It is also defined by its seafood cuisine, especially lobster and clams. Do you like amazing food, great scenery and a chance to visit one of the most expansive wilderness areas on the East Coast? Then buckle up, because Maine will have everything you are looking for.

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National Parks and Midwest Road Trips

From Chicago all the way down to the tip of Texas, these midwest road trips will take you on adventures right down the middle of the United States. In this trip you will visit America’s second city, with a number of great parks and a trip to the home of Elvis along the way.

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11 Underrated State Parks You Need to Have on Your Bucket List

While America’s national parks get most of the attention, raking in 4-6 million visitors per year at big name destinations like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, busy parks may not be what you’re seeking. State parks see far fewer visitors individually, meaning more ‘me time’ for you and less jockeying for the best selfie-position. Go for a hike, take your fishing pole or sketchbook, and enjoy some real peace and quiet in some of America’s best state parks.

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Beyond Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is a shining example of our nation’s best idea; the National Park System. With stunning Rocky Mountain Landscapes, thermal geysers and unparalleled opportunities to see wildlife roam free, YNP is a must for anyone wanting a part of the Great American Roadtrip. But with almost 4.4 million visitors passing through the park last year alone, that shining example of nature can feel a touch crowded.
If it’s solitude you are looking for, though, worry not. Yellowstone is bordered by hundreds of miles of National Forests, and while they may not have the amenities of civilization one would find in the national park, they do have something hard to find in Yellowstone; untrammeled solitude.

Here are 4 national forests that surround Yellowstone, that just may give you that chance to go to the woods, to let out your barbaric yawp and live deliberately.

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