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Two and a Half Unforgettable Days in Gillette, Wyoming

Gillette lies between Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore and a mere 64 miles from Devils Tower—”an hour from the tower,” as the locals say. Gillette and its neighbor community, Wright, are welcome surprises to most visitors, offering a notable foodie scene and uniquely Wyoming tours.

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Where to Find the Best Hot Springs in South Dakota

If you’re in search of the best hot springs in South Dakota, they aren’t too hard to track down. The town of Hot Springs didn’t get its name for nothing! Not only will you find incredible natural springs in this all-American town, but you’ll be close to outdoor adventure, a world-class museum, relaxing spas, exciting water slides, and so much more.

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Sturgis, SD: The Perfect Base for a Black Hills Vacation

In the southwest corner of South Dakota lies the sometimes underrated Black Hills region. The area is home to multiple national parks, memorials, and monuments as well as a couple very impressive state parks. Several charming small towns also dot the Black Hills region—one of those towns is Sturgis, SD.
While Sturgis is likely best-known for its annual motorcycle rally that draws hundreds of thousands to the area each year, the town is worth a visit any time of the year, on a motorcycle or not. It’s also a great option as a base for your Black Hills vacation. With this three-day itinerary, discover Sturgis, the Black Hills, and beyond.

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Re-Energize Between National Parks in Gillette, Wyoming

There’s energy in Gillette, Wyoming. In fact, Gillette is known as the “Energy Capital of the Nation” because 35 percent of the nation’s coal is mined in and around Gillette. But, among the locals, the energy comes across as pride, self-sufficiency, hard work, and a desire to share their place with the world.

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Two Days of R&R in Hot Springs, South Dakota

If there was ever a town where you could check off a full American experience, Hot Springs, South Dakota would be it. Founded on historic discoveries and built on leisure this small town has it all. Let’s get down to it and carve out the ideal weekend experiencing the American West!

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Be a guest in Hot Springs, South Dakota

It’s a real town with real people, 365 days a year. You won’t find a tourist season in Hot Springs, South Dakota because the town does cool stuff year round! The shops, restaurants, recreation, and events that take place around Hot Springs are intended for the people who live there, and subsequently the guests who visit. Don’t just pass through this town, spend a few days and embrace Hot Springs’ authenticity.

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