Be a guest in Hot Springs, South Dakota

It’s a real town with real people, 365 days a year. You won’t find a tourist season in Hot Springs, South Dakota because the town does cool stuff year round! The shops, restaurants, recreation, and events that take place around Hot Springs are intended for the people who live there, and subsequently the guests who visit. Don’t just pass through this town, spend a few days and embrace Hot Springs’ authenticity.
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This story has been created in partnership with the Hot Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, South Dakota.

Mammoths, horses, and hot springs?

It might seem an odd combination, but all of these things exist in Hot Springs. Open year round, The Mammoth Site boasts the largest concentration of mammoths in the world. Think about that for a second. While you can wander through the attached museum, touring the bone bed is even more fascinating. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit this on-going paleontological site, you dig?

The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is only 10 minutes outside of town. Roaming throughout the preserve, hundreds of wild horses flourish on a beautiful American West landscape. Visits to the Sanctuary may also include a tour of ancient petroglyphs and Native American ceremonial sites. There’s also a special tour for photographers–a perfect way to capture the essence of wild horses.
Wild Horse Sanctuary Hot Springs South Dakota

Indeed, there are hot springs in Hot Springs, South Dakota. The town didn’t earn the name for its cold water features. Historically, Native Americans appreciated the waters in the area and considered them to be sacred. The warm waters are welcoming for locals and travelers alike, offering rejuvenation, refreshment, relaxation and recreation. The best place to enjoy the natural mineral springs are at Evans Plunge Mineral Springs, the oldest attraction in the Black Hills. 5,000 gallons per minute flows into Evans Plunge from a thermal spring at the north end of the pool, and the natural spring-fed waters maintain an average pool temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit. The pools feature a health and wellness facility, spa, gym, and a kid-friendly area as well. At these pools you won’t find scalding hot waters, but they are scentless and very inviting.
Evans Plunge

Slow down, you’re having too much fun!

Actually, there’s no reason to slow down in this area. Spend the days hiking, biking, fishing, swimming… you name it! There are many trails around Hot Springs to choose from, Custer State Park is nearby, and there is a slew of outdoor-geared events for athletes who are looking to compete. If heart-pumping adrenaline activities aren’t your thing, you might consider teeing off at the incredibly scenic Southern Hills Golf Course.

Be well.

Beyond the mineral springs, there is a vibrant health and wellness community in Hot Springs. Reflexology, intuitive readings, massage, and homeopathy just name a few of the additional offerings in the area. Furthermore, there is a great health food store in town when you’re ready to nourish your body.

Stay awhile in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

Hot Springs is a perfect base-camp for exploration. You’re not far from the state’s major attractions, so why not stay somewhere with great restaurants and hospitality? When you’re ready to rest your head, you’ll have many choices ranging from hotels and lodges, camping, and other vacation rental alternatives. Dining options are plentiful among the dozens of independent restaurants scattered around town. Hot Springs is a friendly spot, excited to welcome every guest to their town–and yet still one of the best-kept secrets in the Black Hills.

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