Explore Idaho: First Stop, Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is a city at the eastern edge of Idaho. Its 60,000 residents enjoy an array of attractions, outdoor and cultural, year-round. You can enjoy the scenic River Walk, explore the alien landscape of Craters of the Moon, check out the latest exhibit at the Museum of Idaho, or stroll through Tauphaus Park Zoo - and so much more. Whether it's Craters of the Moon or the River Walk trail that runs through the city, there's always something to do.
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Tour the River Walk

The Snake River meanders through Idaho Falls. Along its banks, you’ll experience phenomenal riverside scenery on paved, well-maintained pathways. Known as the River Walk, five miles of trails guide you’re journey up and down the river. Try one of the many great restaurants along the way, or grab an ice cream to enjoy with the scenery as you leisurely stroll through our locally own shops.

You can hike, bike, roller blade, skate – the list goes on. It’s the perfect place for leisurely activities. With TripAdvisor’s users giving it a high 4.5 out of 5 rating, the River Walk is well worth spending an afternoon exploring. Learn more here.

Wander the Craters of the Moon

West of Idaho Falls, you’ll discover Craters of the Moon National Monument. Designated as an International Dark Sky Park, experience unrivaled Milky Way visuals during night-time visits. Lava fields and – you guessed it – giant craters, make up the park. Exploring the landscape, a volcanic atmosphere looms; a sense of slow-erupting drama ever-present.

You’ll find great hiking options when you’re there. From short 1-hour trips like the North Crater Flow, to longer trips like the hike to Big Craters or half day hike to the Tree Molds. For shorter visits, the 7-mile scenic loop drive gives you a sense of what the park has to offer.

Craters of the Moon National Monument is open year-round. For just $15, it’s well worth it. Head west from Idaho Falls on US highway 20 and marvel as you approach. Watch the craters as they grow in size, towering over the Martian-like plains of eastern Idaho.
For tips on how to get the best photos on your visit, take a look at our four tips for amazing memories.

Exploring the outdoors

The River Walk is just one chapter of Idaho Falls’ outdoors. Along the Snake River, you’ll also find opportunities for water skiing, white water rafting, and world class fly fishing. Idaho Falls may be a city, but the fresh waters of the Rocky Mountains make for an incredibly clean experience.

North, towards Island Park, you’ll find Harrimann State Park. Sightings of moose, elk, bears, and dear aren’t uncommon on its 11,000 acres of protected lands. It’s part of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, and nature flourishes. Within, you can hike on all kinds of trails as well as bike, horseback ride, camp, and more – and it’s just one hour from Idaho Falls.

En route to Harriman State Park, don’t forget to stop at the Mesa Falls. They’re as tall as a ten-story building and have a sound to match. The location is home to some great hiking options, as well as an abundance of places for impressive photos and picturesque picnics.

Best place to stay in Idaho?

Idaho Falls may well be. It’s proximity to Craters of the Moon, Harrimann State Park, and Yellowstone National Park make it ideal. And to top it off, the city itself is something to write home about. It’s clean, friendly, adventurous and home to a beautiful river and set of falls. For outdoor enthusiasts and city-visitors alike, Idaho Falls exceeds your expectations.

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