Take it easy in Winslow, AZ

Place yourself in the setting of one of the most famous Eagle’s songs— Winslow, Arizona. While standing on this corner is totally picture-worthy and almost a right of passage along the historic Route 66, you’ll soon find more to this charming Arizona town.
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This story has been created in partnership with the Winslow Chamber of Commerce, Arizona.

Start on THE corner

“…Well, I’m a standing on a corner
In Winslow, Arizona
And such a fine sight to see
It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed
Ford slowin’ down to take a look at me…”
~ The Eagles

This is the famous spot mentioned in The Eagles’ tune, Take it Easy. The mural, statues, permanently parked red Ford pick up truck, and “Arizona US 66” sign painted on the intersection clearly mark the Standin’ on the Corner Park. Snap a selfie and take in the historic and cultural influence of the area. The Sipp Shoppe on the corner is the perfect place to belly up for an old-fashioned malt and a bite to eat.

Spend the day at McHood Park & Clear Creek

This is Arizona, so you might expect a scorcher of a day. Only a few miles outside of town runs Clear Creek, spectacularly set in a rock canyon. There are campsites (free), picnic areas, and a large group site–perfect for reunions. The water is deep, and the rocks are set high from the water; certainly great for cannonballs and cliff jumping. Bring your own watercraft or rent kayaks to cruise along the water. Up the canyon you may discover petroglyphs on the walls! Additionally, swimming and fishing are other great activities here.

Stay a night, or two

La Posada Hotel is the most vibrant and interesting hotel to stay in on the historic Route 66. A Harvey Hotel designed by Mary Jane Colter opened in 1930. Fred Harvey was best known for civilizing the west and bringing the highest standard of hospitality to his hotels. He’d be proud to know that La Posada still maintains great hospitality! Each room is wonderfully unique with antiques and carefully curated art pieces. I was lucky enough to stay in the Amelia Earhart room which faces the train tracks, making me feel right at home. Amelia Earhart was just one of many famous guests at La Posada, along with Albert Einstein, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and more.

Scattered throughout the hotel are many other rooms and nooks dressed in fine art, ranging from southwest-inspired to more modern works. After dinner, I roamed with my glass of wine through the Tina Mion gallery. I grinned at some of the more humorous pieces, and admired many others. Moreover, some of the rooms have a small couch and television, playing informative commentary from the artists.

There are several restaurants in Winslow, but a meal in the Turquoise Room and Martini Bar is a must. The restaurant boasts a creative menu, inspired by southwest flavors. Some menu items, such as the baked egg dishes bring some history with them as well… “These were popular in the east during the early part of the 20th century and then spread to the West through railroad stops.” (The Turquoise Room breakfast menu)

Thanks, Winslow

I was surprised, in the best way possible, by Winslow. This town is no longer just a roadside attraction, but rather a destination. The combination of art, outdoor recreation, and tasty food in Winslow are a home run.

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