Top Salt Lake City Attractions: Start at the Natural History Museum of Utah

Road trips to Utah have great promise, offering up experiences in ski towns, remarkable national parks, the chance to see the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere, and much more!
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Any adventure that includes Salt Lake City should start with a day at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a Jurassic Park fanatic, or a cultural explorer, your holiday to Utah will be much richer for it. Deepen your understanding of the natural history of Utah at the beautiful and impressive Natural History Museum of Utah.

This beautiful museum is tucked in the foothills of the mountains above the capital city, providing unique views of the city and its namesake Great Salt Lake. The Bonneville Shoreline Trail runs past, offering hiking and mountain biking just outside the museum. The five-story facility has displays that stretch through the world’s history showing how humans fit in it all.

This story was created in partnership with the Natural History Museum of Utah.


Salt Lake City’s Top Attraction: Dinosaurs

The Past Worlds Exhibit may surprise you and become the most fascinating experience you have in Utah. Step back in time, where you will not only see fossils and learn about dinosaurs—you’ll also experience the “sights, sounds, and smells of long-lost ecosystems.” Learn all about the fossils that came from right here in Utah. Experience the area as it was when it was home to these massive beings.

The dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah is one the top Salt Lake City attractions
Don’t miss: the world’s largest display of horned dinosaur skulls.


Learn about the namesake of Salt Lake City

One of the notable Salt Lake City attractions is the lake for which the city is named. But how much do you know about it? Did you know it’s one of three remnant lakes of the historic Lake Bonneville that disappeared about 12,000 years ago? Do you know how salty it is? Do you know what birds and wildlife depend on it?

Take a walk “around” the lake at the museum to find answers to these questions!

The Great Salt Lake Exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City


Learn about the land of Utah

If your holiday will take you throughout Utah after your museum visit, you’ll be curious about the great stone formations that you admire. The Mighty Five National Parks of Utah and the parks of Wyoming are known for the stunning rock formations and colors, and the Natural History Museum of Utah is the premier resource for understanding these gorgeous views.

The Land Exhibit even allows you an up-close tour of the Utah foothills and their geology and touching the displays is encouraged! You can see why the building is built so beautifully into the landscape.

Exhibits at the Natural History Museum of Utah, one of Salt Lake City's attractions


Learn about the native people of Utah

Before the national parks of the West and lists of the top Salt Lake City attractions you can’t miss, Utah’s Native American tribes had their own stories about the region. The Native Voices Exhibit is built beautifully into the hillside at the top of the building. It was designed to share the history and ongoing story of the Native American presence in Utah.

Native Voices Exhibit at NHMU
Learn all about the traditions of the tribes, people you may get the chance to connect with on your Utah travels.

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