Nowoodstock: The Ultimate Wyoming Music Festival

Need something to spice up your western summer road trip? Two words my friends: music festivals. You may not have figured there are cool, underground music festivals in Wyoming, but think again. Nowoodstock is one of Wyoming's coolest music festivals, and it gets better every year.
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I was so excited to explore Nowoodstock. I’d been hearing about the festival for years but had never made the trip. I’ve spent lots of time rock climbing in Tensleep Canyon, but was excited to see the town from a new perspective. I headed up on a sunny Friday afternoon with the weekend’s lineup playing in my head.

Exploring Downtown Worland

My first stop was to explore downtown Worland, Wyoming. For such a small town, it has some cool personality. I wandered around, admiring some murals and stopping into a bike shop, and Bee Healthy, a cool health food store.

Downtown Worland, Wyoming, including a mural, bike shop, health food store, and flowers.

I asked a local store owner where to go for dinner. They suggested Goodie’s, a spot that didn’t even show up on Yelp! I felt a little hesitant, but was excited to try a local favorite. The restaurant is set up deli-style, and locals dotted the room. When my burger came, all my doubts disappeared. Let me preface my next statement by saying that lots of places in Wyoming claim that their burgers are the best, but Goodie’s burgers are actually the best. It was true burger perfection.
Goodie's restaurant in Worland, Wyoming.

The Best of the Music Festivals in Wyoming

After one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, I was ready to hit the festival. Nowoodstock is a throwback festival to its namesake, and the spirit of the event is too. Since Nowoodstock is still fairly small, I parked right across the street and wandered over. Food trucks selling everything from Dippin’ Dots to Indian frybread to bbq lined the grounds, and the evening’s entertainment was already warming up. Craftsmen of all kinds were selling everything from fish leather wallets to beaded knife sheaths. There was even a hippie tie-dye painted massage trailer!

Vendors and artists at a music festival in Wyoming.

The performers at Nowoodstock ranged from professional musicians to people just starting out. The thing they all had in common was how talented they are. From Tensleep legend Jalan Crossland to newcomer Lacy Nelson, each group brought their own unique skills. From bluegrass to country, jazz to folk, the musicians of Nowoodstock put on great performances all weekend long!
Musicians perform at Nowoodstock, one of the best music festivals in Wyoming.

Between sets, I wandered around town to explore one of the best local spots: Dirty Sally’s. They have tons of local crafts and gifts, a good selection of produce and other groceries, an ice cream bar, and the best iced coffee in the state! Downtown Tensleep has several eateries, and the Bighorn Mountain Stage Co. has all kinds of interesting finds!
Dirty Sally's general store in downtown Tensleep, Wyoming.

Don’t Forget the Beer!

Tensleep also has a great microbrewery called Tensleep Brewing Co. Their laidback environment is a haunt for locals, climbers, and bikers. They have tons of variety in their beers, and their knowledgeable brewers can tell you all about the process. The brewery has events throughout the summer, from trivia nights to live music.

Interior images of Tensleep Brewing company in Tensleep, Wyoming.

I love Tensleep for the climbing, but now, I have another reason to show up in the summer. Nowoodstock is definitely one of the coolest music festivals in Wyoming. Be sure to put it on your calendar for next year!
A crowd gathers at Nowoodstock one of the best music festivals in Wyoming.

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What is your favorite of the lesser-known music festivals in Wyoming? Tell us below!


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