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Alamosa: An oasis in Southern Colorado

We looked over at each other through our car windows and mutually nodded. It was the coldest part of night, right before the sun peaks over the horizon and begins warming everything up. I was up early on my way to Alamosa and had pulled into a parking lot at the base of The Great Sand Dunes alongside two other vehicles.

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Alamosa, a photographer’s delight

The San Luis Valley of Colorado is a photographer’s dream. Whether you carry a cell phone or a telephoto lens, head to this part of Colorado and photograph iconic destinations. The Great Sand Dunes National Park is one of the most picturesque places in Colorado, but it’s not the only place to nab killer photos. Multiple wildlife refuges make for great wildlife viewing and the open expanse of earth and sky make for striking landscapes. All of these places are just a short drive from the main hub in the valley, Alamosa.

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Alamosa – Moving West

I arrived in Alamosa having been chased by a storm, all the way from Bailey – my home. Things weren’t looking good from an aesthetic stand point. Still, recalling the words of Sam Abell’s father – ‘bad weather makes great photographs’ – I remained optimistic, and continued into Alamosa with a smile on my face.

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