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Take a walk down memory lane of Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona. Kingman’s Old Town is great place to explore to find relics of the past and local handmade goods. Kingman also has much to offer off the asphalt, into the sandstone canyons, and among the wildflowers. Come explore Kingman!
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Traveling to Kingman, Arizona, gives you a glimpse into American history while also offering modern amenities. This vibrant and nostalgic town is a gem along the famous Route 66 and gives visitors easy access to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Take a cruise through Old Town with me and see why Kingman should be on your list of places to visit! 

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History on Every Corner

Museums in Kingman, Arizona

Route 66 was an important thoroughfare for Americans in the ’30s through ’60s, offering families in the Midwest a chance to travel by car to the California coast. It also gave towns like Kingman a business surge and helped stimulate their economy. Although more modern highways and interstates have replaced Route 66, Kingman has taken the opportunity to honor America’s most notable roadway and the road-tripping culture that was born with it. The best place to see this history preserved is the Route 66 Museum. Start your visit by driving through the massive Route 66 sign in front of the parking lot. This museum shares the story of Route 66 through the Southwest, from the Indigenous groups that first lived there to the wagon trains and white settlers, through the building of Route 66. The exhibits make you feel like you’re stepping into the ’50s with storefronts and cars from that era. Further in the tour is a room of electric vehicles, from their conception to modern-day EVs. The museum also has a row of electric charging stations in the parking lot if you decide to road trip here in your EV! 

In addition to the Route 66 Museum, your ticket includes admission to the Mohave Museum, just a short walk away. If you want a more in-depth look at the human history of Kingman, this museum will have what you’re looking for. The Mohave Museum has several dioramas of the Pueblo dwellings, a glimpse into the daily lives of miners and settlers, and the later history of Hollywood stars in Kingman. There’s a lot to find in Kingman’s colorful past. 

The last museum to make sure you see is the Kingman Railroad Museum. Located in the historic train depot, this passionately run museum features three model tracks, all assembled and cared for by local train enthusiasts and former railroad employees who brought their love of locomotives to share with the public. 

Beyond the Pavement

Woman walking on a trail in desert landscape

Kingman also has much to offer off the asphalt, into the monoliths and desert bluffs and among the wildflowers. White Cliffs Wagon Road Trail is an easy five-minute drive out of town with several loops of trails to choose your own adventure. Regardless of your path, you’ll start your hike along the wagon ruts cemented in time from a mining road built in 1890. The trail then winds through the white cliffs, where you can hear the calls of canyon wren and see a variety of desert flora. 

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Monolith Garden Trail is another stunning spot to explore just west of town. The nearly nine-mile trail takes you through washes filled with wildflowers and open valleys that offer views of massive volcanic rock formations. This system is part of the larger Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area, with nearly 40 miles of trails. Whether hiking, biking, or on horseback, this trail will surely take your breath away in the best way! 

Get Hip in Old Town

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Kingman’s Old Town is another great place to explore to find relics of the past and local handmade goods. Mr. D’z Diner is the perfect place to start. You can’t miss the bright blue restaurant as you drive into town, with a vibrant sign and a ’50s police car displayed out front. Grab a classic milkshake and enjoy the rockabilly music that makes this diner feel like you stepped through a time machine into the heyday of Route 66. 

Just one block up from Mr. D’z is the main street of Old Town, where you’ll find a variety of shops to explore. West of 3rd is an artistic and unique shop with a menagerie of goods, most from local artisans, gardeners, and creators. Whether you’re looking for handcrafted cutting boards, locally grown hot pepper jelly, homemade soaps, or one-of-a-kind clothing, you can find it here. Another treasure trove to check out is Gracie’s Vintage. This antique store has shelves and racks of hidden gems, from paintings to turquoise jewelry, snakeskin boots, to woven Navajo blankets. You may not enter the store looking for a specific item, but you’re bound to leave with something spectacular! 

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There’s no better place to end an afternoon of shopping than Grand Canyon Brewing and Distillery. Although it’s not a historic spot, Grand Canyon Brewing offers delicious barbecue and signature craft beer. Sit out on their patio, watch the golden hour light fill the main street, and reflect on a trip well spent in Kingman, Arizona.

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