Discover the Sequoias: National Parks, Unforgettable Arts & Local Eats

Here, in the heart of California, giant sequoia trees reach unbelievable heights. The forests reach out wide, as well—stretching across two national parks, one national monument, and through a national forest. Neighboring all these protected lands are some delightful communities filled with history, art, and farm-fresh feasts.
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A single phrase may be all it takes to spark a vacation dream, and all the wonders and joys that follow are what make it a dream vacation. In this case, the imagination and wanderlust are sparked with mention of the giant sequoias of California, and the towns that surround these precious giants are what make it a real vacation.

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When you discover the sequoias, you’ll also find that so much more surrounds them, from the facts of the forest you can learn about in national parks to the art inspired by this unique location to the flavors of the many other plants that thrive in the region. It’s worth spending an extended period of time here because there are two national parks, one national monument, one national forest, and nine towns to explore—all inspired by one kind of tree!

Discover the Sequoias & Their Parks

Family at Parker Group Cade Castle by SPC Suzanne Bianco

Here, in the heart of California, giant sequoia trees reach unbelievable heights. The forests reach out wide, as well—stretching across two national parks, one national monument, and through a national forest.

Though you don’t need to worry too much about the lines between the adjacent Sequoia National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Giant Sequoia National Monument (the trees don’t), it’s worth noting a few differences as you set out to explore. The numerous, far-reaching lands protecting these renowned trees just make it easier to spread out, slow down, and enjoy exploring the land of giants.

Images from Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park

Sequoia National Park

This park is home to the General Sherman Tree, the largest living tree by volume in the world. You can visit it via a short hike, or explore further in the park on hikes like the steep climb to Moro Rock, which looms over the entrance of the park.

Kings Canyon National Park

This park is adjacent to (to the north) of Sequoia National Park and accessible via the Generals Highway and is actually named for a glacially carved valley that’s over a mile deep.

Sequoia National Forest

This forest is also accessible via the national park, though the forest is free to enter. In addition to the trees (of course), you’ll also find the stunning Hume Lake near Kings Canyon.

Hume Lake near Sequoia National Forest and Kings Canyon National Park

Giant Sequoia National Monument

This 328,000-acre monument is actually in two parts, protecting even more of the forest in addition to the national parks and forest further to the west and south. A favorite trail among the countless miles you could follow is the Trail of 100 Giants, a paved 1.3-mile trail among trees up to 1,500 years old.

Discover the Arts of the Sequoias’ Region

Mural of Yokohl Citrus in Exeter, California

From the murals of Exeter to the Fox Theatre in Visalia to the Botanical Gardens of Woodlake and countless locally owned shops in between, you’ll find inspiration abounds amongst the residents neighboring the named trees. Stroll the main streets of these welcoming communities to get a sense of connection between gown and trees—and take a handcrafted souvenir by a local artist home with you.

Flavors as Big as the Sequoias

Bartender with beers and diner toasting over a meal in California

All this awe and exploration will surely pique your appetite. This is one of the largest agricultural regions in California, and local farmers grow more than 120 crops here. Savor local flavors and support local businesses all in one scrumptious bite! Find the perfect bite wherever you find yourself, then top it off with a classic treat from Reimers Candies in Three Rivers or Staffords Chocolates in Porterville. Inspired to visit the giant sequoias and more? Check out our itinerary here.

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