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Vacations usually bring a blend of excitement and relaxation. The chance to be officially OOO and “slow to respond to your email,” comes in the form of welcome adrenaline rushes like whitewater rafting and in the form of a midday nap in a hammock. The peace we find when we travel comes with connecting with a place while putting our daily worries aside. We figured you can still start to build a connection—and practice a little relaxation—from your homes.
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We’ll start with the basics of Zen and mindfulness: coloring. Estes Park in Colorado and Dinosaurland in Utah both have great coloring pages just waiting to pull you into a Crayola daydream. Bring your family along or take this moment of artful connection for yourself.

Now that the creative juices are flowing, settle in to learn about a different type of art: Chinookan art. The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde created a fascinating video about this style of artwork, which is uniquely specific to the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Learn more about Native Americans next. Regalia worn by Native American dancers in this video, also created by the Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde, is sacred and stunning. The sewing, beadwork, craftsmanship, storytelling, and blessings that goes into making regalia is highlighted by the artistic dances performed by its wearer. Make a connection via understanding before you visit:

Finally, a little “homework” for while your kids are doing their own distance learning. What better way to pique your travel inspiration while motivating your family? Start with the Estes Park Crossword Puzzle. We’ve been assured it’s not as hard as the Sunday New York Times puzzle!

How Zen are you feeling now? Find more daydream material to slip into on our Instagram feed.

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