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Connect with Destinations from a Distance

Vacations usually bring a blend of excitement and relaxation. The chance to be officially OOO and “slow to respond to your email,” comes in the form of welcome adrenaline rushes like whitewater rafting and in the form of a midday nap in a hammock. The peace we find when we travel comes with connecting with a place while putting our daily worries aside. We figured you can still start to build a connection—and practice a little relaxation—from your homes.

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Armchair Adventures: Virtual travel itinerary

For travelers, the call to adventure can be difficult to resist. We appreciate that you’re not globetrotting or even just hitting the road for a little outdoor adventure at this time. To feed your need for beautiful scenery, wide-open spaces, and movement, we have compiled some of our favorite outdoor rec-liner activities. Join us for some armchair adventures until you can get there IRL.

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