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Welcome to West Wendover, Nevada! West Wendover has that small town charm but this destination pulls off a big city vibe! It is located west of Salt Lake City Utah and sits right on the state line of Nevada. If you have ever wanted to be in two states at once this is your place! It is the perfect US town to visit on your next adventure because it offers a playground that any traveler will enjoy!
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Resorts in West Wendover 

For starters plan on staying at least one night in this destination. (Trust me you won’t want to miss out on the neon lights in West Wendover!) Home to 5 luxurious hotel & casinos, each resort offers a unique style, from bright lights to incredibly beautiful architecture and custom design. Take a moment to unwind by the pool or try your luck at the casino. Then choose from one of the delicious restaurants in town.

Explore the Horizon 

After you have settled in at base camp grab your camera and start exploring! One of the first stops I recommend in West Wendover is Horizon View Point. Drive out past the town’s famous icon Wendover Will, just up the hill located on the right hand side of the road is a small paved turnout. This viewpoint offers an incredibly rare opportunity to see the curvature of the earth! Yes, this place actually shows its visitors that the earth is indeed round! This is a must see for any photographer and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Visiting horizon view point during the day wont disappoint however make a trip back to see the curvature and “string of pearls” under the night sky. 

Stop By and Say Hi to Wendover Will 

Once you have captured the impressive crest of Horizon View Point head back down the main street to say hello to Wendover Will. Wendover Will has been an iconic piece of Wendover since June of 1952. Over the years he has been moved 3 times and many visitors have stopped to have their photos taken with this memorable statue. Don’t forget to send your photograph to the City of West Wendover and have it added to this timeless album.

Victory Highway & the California Trail in West Wendover

Right across the road from Wendover Will lays a small tribute about Victory Highway & the California Trail. This provides a great sneak peak into the intriguing history of  West Wendover. The landscape surrounding the area, the water on Pilot Peak, and the centralized location, made West Wendover a great stop and therefore was included along the Victory Highway. established in 1921. This highway was established in 1921 and was one of the first roads for travelers to drive from coast to coast. The flat desert terrain also made this a perfect location to host a train depot that serviced steam engines for the Western Union. This railroad connected Salt Lake to the San Francisco area. Stopping here to study the signs will give you a much better understanding of Wendover’s first travelers & settlers.

Bonneville Salt Flats are Only 4 Miles Away 

Next head out to the Bonneville Salt Flats, technically located in Utah it is the remnants of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville. This fascinating crystal oasis stretches as far as the eye can see! Sparking salt surrounds you. The mountains in the distance provide the perfect backdrop to this simply stunning, incredibly flat, dazzling white sheet of land!

Now serving as one of the best natural speedways in the world, the Bonneville Salt Flats hosts 5 major races each year. Established in 1914 the Bonneville Salt Flat Races have attracted passionate, innovative, thrill seeking racers from all over the world! Racing at the speedway became really popular in the 1930’s as the town really started to flourish. Racers also began accelerating at a groundbreaking pace! While I was in the area I was able to catch a few days of the World Finals. It was here I watched history in the making, as a man broke the world record in his class. Speeding over the Salt Flats at an incredible 503 mph! Even if there are no races happening take the time to admire and cherish the natural beauty of the Bonneville Salt Flats. It is unquestionably worth the time and only 4 miles out of West Wendover.

Step into History 

Before you leave West Wendover do not miss your chance to visit and tour the Historic Wendover Airfield. In 1943 the Wendover Field served as the largest military reserve in the world, it quickly became the training base for over 23,000 military personnel for bomber crews and had 668 buildings. This museum is brilliantly insightful and will leave a lasting impression! With 52 structures still on site and more restoration projects happening as the years go by! The Wendover Airfield Museum does a remarkable job of captivating their audience. They tell an incredible story to remind us of the citizens and the invaluable lessons we learned from World War 2. 

Take Time to Explore West Wendover

So whether you arrive by car or plane, West Wendover is a great destination to plan your next escape. Check the local Peppermill Concert Hall for any future performances or check out the 2019 schedule if you want to catch the next events at the Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway! In the event you happen to pass through, West Wendover has enough activities for the whole family to enjoy.

This article was created in partnership with West Wendover City & The Nevada Division of Tourism, Nevada.

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