Sterling and Logan County – A Weekend On the Plains

When most of us think about a weekend getaway, we don’t usually think of going to a small town on the northeastern plains of Colorado. Or maybe that's just me because I have an overwhelming love for places with a little higher altitude. However, after I was invited to join my family for a weekend in Logan County, Colorado I quickly realized that each destination (even those a little off the radar) have something to offer.
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When we first arrived in Logan County we stopped in the historic downtown of Sterling. Honestly, I was impressed. After 22 years of living in Colorado, I have finally discovered where the true fundamental development of this beautiful state began. In 1849 gold was discovered in California. Ten years down the road more gold was discovered in the Colorado Mountains. The Overland Trail was created running from Nebraska through what is now Sterling towards the great snowy peaks. Being one of the heaviest traveled roads in America, the nostalgia certainly still lingers through the Sterling streets. The Overland Trail Museum in Logan County commemorates those brave voyagers that went searching for gold and grew something greater than they ever would have imagined.

Sterling today

Today the area of Sterling is a vibrant, artistic, festival filled, high plains town. As you walk through historic downtown Sterling you will discover a mix of grand buildings, unique shops, and restaurants. Dispersed through this small town are 17 dead cottonwood trees that have been bronzed and sculpted by the world-renowned sculptor Bradford Rhea. Now that’s what I call being brought back from the dead!

Who doesn’t love a good beer?

Being a beer fanatic and a lover of microbreweries, I have to say my favorite addition to downtown Sterling is the Parts & Labor Brewing Company. This humble family-owned brewery creates handcrafted beers using local wheat. Let me tell you, the local wheat tastes good! The establishment is welcoming and adorable, not necessarily something you would expect from a building that was once a Cadillac repair shop. However, the old repair shop compliments it well. This brewery is definitely using their parts and labor to build great beer!

Onto the outdoors

It’s impossible to say that there is nothing to do in Logan County because it is buzzing with outdoor activities. You can choose anything from golfing on one of the four courses, hiking Chimney Canyon, fishing the South Platte River, or camping and boating on one of the three reservoirs in the county. 

My family spent the weekend camping and boating at Julesburg Reservoir. In my opinion, camping near the water with family and friends is the perfect way to relax and reset. Once the tents are pitched, the boats are in the water, and the the campfire is going there is not a worry in the world. 

Logan County skies

Each night in Logan County ended with a colorful sunset that continued for what seemed like forever. I guess that’s what you get when you’re on the plains. You can see grasslands stretching for miles, which means you see the sky and all its layers stretching for miles. Something those of us surrounded by mountains and infrastructure don’t get to see too often.

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This story has been created in partnership with the Logan County Tourism Board.

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