Riverton, Wyoming: Your Next Road Trip Oasis

On your next adventure, make sure to gather with your family and friends in the “rendezvous city of Wyoming”, and enjoy all Riverton has to offer!
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In Wyoming, every community can sometimes feel like an oasis; blossoming between miles of long roads and distant mountaintops. While driving through, you’ll notice the antelope race alongside your car on road trips, while the endless blue sky tosses you like a tumbleweed in the wind. The broad valleys and high peaks dare you to explore at every turn. 

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In the middle of a sea of sagebrush and a vast mountain range, there’s the Wind River Valley. People have chosen this as a place to live and lay down their roots for centuries. It’s been the home of mountain men, homesteaders, and miners; whose presence was preceded by the Native American people who first settled the area. Over the years, it’s become not only a gathering place for different ideas, goods, and commodities but also a gathering place of stories. In the middle of the Wind River Valley is the “rendezvous city of Wyoming”, Riverton. This Western gem not only holds a wide variety of history but it also has a lot of wonderful things to experience. Whether it’s a road trip stop or a standalone vacation spot, Riverton is a place worth exploring en route to your next adventure!

The rendezvous statue at the entry into Riverton

Riverton has a lot to offer visitors. During all seasons of the year, there are many different museums, attractions, events, and restaurants to check out. At the Wind River Heritage Center and Riverton Museum, you can learn about the fascinating wildlife and history from around the area. If you enjoy the outdoors, then there is the Wyoming Heritage Trail not too far away with the Wind River Mountain Range as your backdrop! Just a short drive out of town, you can visit the Castle Garden Petroglyphs, which depict some intact cliff illustrations from long ago.

Collage of images hiking, biking, and petroglyphs around Riverton Wyoming
Photos courtesy of Brad Christensen/Wyoming’s Wind River Country

During the summertime, Riverton also has a ton of fun events! If you’re in the area you can check out the Riverton Rendezvous Balloon Rally, the 1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous, the Fremont County Fair, and the Wind River Rodeo Round-Up, or one of several weekly farmer’s markets and musical events that Riverton has to offer in the summer. Additionally, you can check out the Wind River Casino, which is owned and operated by the Northern Arapaho tribe. Inside, you can partake in some slot machines and enjoy some incredible dining at any one of their three restaurants. In the summer, the casino also has weekly Northern Arapaho traditional dance and storytelling exhibitions, which are fun to see and hear as well as educational!

The Riverton hot air balloon rally

Rafting the Wind River near Riverton, Wyoming

After a day of exploring the Riverton area, there are plenty of delicious restaurants to visit as well. Whether it’s a juicy steak or burger, locally grown vegetables, and fruit, or some sweet homemade desserts, Riverton has some delightful food options to check out!

No matter where you’re going, stopping to spend some time in Riverton is well worth it and will make for a fun and memorable trip. On your next adventure, gather with your family and friends in the “rendezvous city of Wyoming”, and enjoy all Riverton has to offer!

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