Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon National Park


Majestic vista of the Grand Canyon at dusk.

Four Seasons Golf Course
Four Seasons Golfing


The Four Seasons Golf Course in Scottsdale, Arizona

Sedona Golfing


Golf in Sedona, with red rocks in the background under a clear blue sky.

The Perfect Grand Canyon Golf Trip

Great views, delicious food, and Grand Canyon National Park are only a few of the reasons to make Arizona your next golf trip destination. Plus, this customizable seven-day road trip includes a scenic detour on Historic Route 66—making it a truly “can’t miss” itinerary.
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Golf Your Way to the Grand Canyon

Start / End

Phoenix, Arizona

States Covered
National parks

Grand Canyon National Park

Total Distance

229 Miles (367 KM)

Suggested Days

At least 7 days

Suggested Seasons

All seasons



You deserve to go big on your next golf trip.

Great views, delicious food, and Grand Canyon National Park are only a few of the reasons to make Arizona your next golf trip destination. Plus, this customizable 7-day road trip includes a scenic detour on Historic Route 66—making it a truly “can’t miss” itinerary.


Fly into Phoenix, Arizona and rent a car for this week-long golf trip that takes you through the best fairways in Central and Northern Arizona. You’ll putt world-famous championship courses in Phoenix, slice balls through stunning scenery in Sedona, and take your game to new heights in Flagstaff. Don’t forget to review our 5 Tips for Golfing in Arizona before you go, and get ready to have the best golf trip of your life.



Outdoor dining in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix boasts more than 200 golf courses and is the most frequented Arizona airport for those flying in from out of state. That makes it a natural jumping off point for your epic golf trip. Upon arrival, spend the afternoon getting situated with a rental car and accommodations. That evening, pick up any last minute items downtown and enjoy some of the flavors of Arizona’s biggest city.

We know you’re here to golf, but as Visit Arizona reminds us, this state is home to “food worth traveling for.” Phoenix is a great place to sample a large variety of flavors: from farm-to-table eats to classic fare like the Sonoran hot dog. Over 100 craft breweries are located within greater city limits, too. Just don’t overdo it—tomorrow you’ll be working hard to burn off those bacon-wrapped dogs.

Four Seasons Golf Course in Scottsdale


The Boulders Golf Club in Scottsdale

On your first full day in Arizona, get a hole-in-one at a local course. As we mentioned, there are a mind-boggling number of courses to choose from, so let us help you narrow it down. Perhaps you’ll pick one of Arizona’s most unique fairways, like the Grayhawk Golf Club, known for its notoriously challenging par 5. Alternatively, you might select the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course, where the fan-favorite Waste Management Phoenix Open is held every year. Of course, you really can’t go wrong today—all 200 local fairways are sure to have beautiful scenery and temperate weather in common.


Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona

1 HOUR, 55 MINUTES – 116 MILES/187 KM

On your third day, journey north to world-famous Sedona. Known for its striking red rock formations and lush landscape covered in juniper and piñon pine, Sedona is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and of course, golfers. Take the better part of today to explore. Red Rock State Park is a great place to stretch the legs alongside tranquil Oak Creek and spot some of Sedona’s wildlife, such as javelinas, mule deer, and plentiful birdlife. Had enough walking? Go for a ride in a Pink Jeep or simply post up at Red Rock Crossing for an afternoon with a good book. For more ideas, take a look at our top 25 things not to miss on your next trip.
Sedona Golf Resort

After overnighting in nearby Holbrook, return to Petrified Forest National Park for another opportunity to stretch your legs. Puerco Pueblo Trail takes you to an ancestral Pueblo site, while Giant Logs Loop takes you to some of the largest and most colorful logs in the park. All the trails are relatively short, so you can spend a quiet morning sauntering along a handful of them.

This park offers a terrific example of the fourth Leave No Trace principle: Leave What You Find. A crucial principle for all of Arizona, this is especially relevant at a place like Petrified Forest National Park. We understand, it can be tempting to stash a piece of petrified wood in your pocket—especially for the kids! But there is a minimum $325 fine for removing wood from the park. Perhaps even more convincing is the well-known and documented “Curse of the Petrified Forest.” It’s known to be terribly bad luck to remove anything from the park—a superstition we wholeheartedly support. Desperate to take a piece of your experience home? You can purchase petrified wood from private landowners and gift shops just down the road.



The following day, level up (at least in elevation) in Flagstaff, Arizona. Located only 50 minutes north of Sedona, the drive upwards to the Colorado Plateau is tremendously scenic. (You’ll gain 2,560 feet along the way.) We recommend spending the day at one of the golf courses nearby: the Continental Country Club or Elephant Rocks Golf Course, 40 minutes west in Williams, AZ—a great place to stretch your eyes across miles of uninterrupted pine forests in the distance. That evening, partake in the laid-back local vibe in downtown Flagstaff. Wonderful restaurants, micro-breweries, and shopping await. Did we mention historic Route 66 runs right through the heart of town?

Two people at the Grand Canyon


Finally, it’s time to experience the Grand Canyon State’s namesake: Grand Canyon National Park. Under an hour and a half north of Flagstaff, this is one of America’s most cherished parks—and understandably so. This astounding natural formation is 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide; peeking over its rim is a top bucket list item for travelers around the world. Check it off your list today and enjoy visiting the several visitor centers and walking trails on the South Rim. The added bonus of today’s journey (as if you needed more reason), is that you’ll be able to journey on Route 66 from Flagstaff towards the Grand Canyon. Pro tip: EagleRider is a great place to pick up some paraphernalia and take a photo before you head out of town.


Golf course in Tucson, AZ

After a week of golfing and exploring Arizona, you may be ready to return home or prefer to continue on. Retrace your steps to Phoenix, or extend your trip—we would definitely understand if you need to stay a little longer.

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