Four Can’t Miss Events in Logan County

The nice weather in Logan County is not the only thing that brings the plains of Colorado to life. The warm air intertwines with the smell of funnel cake, the lights of a Ferris wheel, the anticipation of eight seconds on a bull, the excitement of concerts, and the roar of vintage engines. These aspects add up to create some of the best days of the year in Logan County. That’s right, the concerts, festivals, fairs, rodeos and other events in Logan County not only awaken the locals, but draw in tourists from all over. Pay attention to when you plan on visiting northeastern Colorado because you won’t want to miss the area’s signature happenings!
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Concerts on the Green (July)

Every Friday night of July in Logan County, people bring their lawn chairs to the Logan County Courthouse Square. They come here to enjoy the free live music played by great regional bands and a meal from the many vendors set up around the site. This is one of Sterling’s favorite traditions because who doesn’t love sitting on the grass on a warm summer night listening to live music? Along with the great ambiance under the open summer sky you get to come together with friends, family, locals and visitors.

Flatlanders Car Show (July)

Who doesn’t take a second look at a shiny classic car driving down the road? In Logan County you can walk up and down rows of classic cars, late models and newer models to get a closer look. The Flatlanders is a two day car show held every July under the shade trees at Pioneer Park. Each year car enthusiasts swarm to Sterling to join the party of tents, rock and roll music and approximately 200 vintage cars. Even if you don’t consider yourself a car enthusiast you will leave with a new appreciation of how the motor world has transformed over the past century.

Logan County Fair and Rodeo (August)

The Logan County Fair and Rodeo not only kicks up a lot of dust in August, but also a lot of excitement. So put on your boots and hold onto the edge of your seat because you’re going to discover rowdy clowns, riveting events, prized animals, classic country attire, and boot-stomping music. Outside of the rodeo gates you will find the County Fair. Here you can indulge in delicious food, get your fingers sticky with cotton candy, play games and ride your favorite carnival ride. If this is your first rodeo experience then we promise you will leave with traces of Colorado’s Old West, cowboy’s past, and intentions to return.

Sugar Beet Days (September)

One of the best ways to celebrate some of Logan County’s unique, agricultural history is to attend the Sugar Beet Days! The festival dates back to 1981 to honor harvest time and all the hardworking people of Northeastern Colorado. Today the festival takes place annually on the 3rd weekend of September, featuring the unique work from handcraft artists. Under the shade trees in downtown Sterling, you can enjoy two full days of 200+ food and craft vendors along with activities for the kids and musical entertainment! This event not only brings a lot of fun and people from all over, but also brings support and appreciation to craftsmen working towards selling their hard work and dedication.

This story was created in partnership with Logan County Tourism Board, Colorado.

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