The Treasure of Cache Valley, Utah

I recently had the opportunity to explore the vibrant landscape of Cache Valley in Northern Utah. This magnificent region was full of more than I had ever imagined, and there was a new adventure around every corner. I could have easily spent several weeks here and still not have seen everything, but allow me to tell you about a few of the highlights from just a couple days spent in Cache Valley.
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Logan Canyon

When driving into Logan from the east, one of the first things that caught my attention was Logan Canyon. This is one of the most scenic drives I’ve been on, and I was wishing the road just wouldn’t stop. The canyon is surrounded by massive rock formations, each unique in its own way. Below these rocks is a dense forest of trees, and the leaves were just beginning to change color. I couldn’t even imagine how vibrant this area would be later into the fall.

A walk along the rocks

In the canyon, I stopped for a couple of hikes. The first trail I went down led me to the wind caves. I would highly recommend checking these out, as they almost feel like something that would be found in a National Park.

The rocky caves sit on top of a very scenic hill, which provides a magnificent view of the canyon. I couldn’t think of a better place to bring a lunch or catch a sunset.

The Crimson Trail

The other hike that I checked out in the canyon is the Crimson Trail. This scenic walk goes along the side of the valley and provides a huge assortment of views and exciting areas.

There’s also a very nice camping area near the trailhead for anyone wanting to make their journey overnight. There are countless other trails in Logan Canyon, and I hope to explore some more in the future.


After I was done exploring Logan Canyon, I headed on down into town to see what it has to offer. The first thing I noticed was how colorful the town is. It is covered with trees, which made for a great fall scene.

The surrounding mountains also provide an excellent touch of beauty. Below these mountains, it is hard to miss the prominence of the Logan Temple, which gives the town a very unique feel when viewed from above.

As I wandered around in the town, I found plenty of interesting shops, restaurants, and parks. One thing that I especially liked about the town is how friendly the people are. It felt like everyone was more than happy to give directions or chat. It just felt like a happy place, and all my worries were put to rest.

Furry Friends

The last stop of my trip in Cache Valley was to Zootah, which is a small zoo in Logan. This area seems like an unlikely place for a zoo, but it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The small feel of Zootah gave it a more peaceful feeling than most zoos and allowed for more personal interaction with staff, who were bringing around animals for people to pet and answering questions. There was still no shortage of awesome animals, and I got to see creatures such as monkeys, exotic birds, and even a reindeer.

I certainly would have loved to spend more time in Cache Valley, as it truly is a treasure of northern Utah, but that wraps up this trip. I encourage you to stop by Cache Valley and experience it for yourself.

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