Exploring the Past, Present & Future of Billings, Montana

Although Billings may not exist in the time of rebels and outlaws any more, there is still an eclectic community of mold breakers and artistic innovators. Learn about the past, enjoy the present, and plan for your future trip to Billings, Montana! There is so much to see and do; it'll be hard to fit it all into one trip!
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Step into the rich history of the American West and take in the incredible artwork and culinary creations of Billings, Montana. This vibrant community of artists and outdoor enthusiasts will show you how Billings is blazing the trail in integrating their roots with their creative and adventurous future. Whether you’re on a road trip through the Rockies or looking for a new weekend getaway, Billings, Montana, should be at the top of the list!

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Discover the Past

Start your adventure in Billings by getting a taste of the past. The Carmel Cookie Waffle is an artisan cafe specializing in stroopwafels, bringing Dutch heritage into the melting pot of the west. Once you’ve fueled up on delicious breakfast and coffee, head to the Pictograph Caves State Park to learn about the area’s indigenous history. You will follow a three-quarter-mile interpretive trail through the three different caves where ancient artists left their mark. Some dating over 2,000 years old!

Exterior of the Western Heritage Center in Billings, Montana

As you progress through Billings’ past, make a trip through the Western Heritage Center. Here you will find personal collections of Western artifacts in different rotating exhibits. Participate in a guided tour or explore on your own through the relics and heirlooms of Billings’ former residence. End your journey into Montana’s history by having a meal at Jake’s Downtown. Founded in the 70s, Jake’s may not be as old as the ancient pictographs or the railroad that gave Billings its start in the 1800s, but it is located in the Historic Grand Building and offers timeless western staples.

Support Artists of the Present

Street mural in Billings, Montana

Although Billings may not exist in the time of rebels and outlaws any more, there is still an eclectic community of mold breakers and artistic innovators. Make your first stop at the Ebon Coffee Collective as you embark on your day of soaking in Billings’s contemporary art and culinary scene. Focusing on offering the highest quality coffee and a menu with gluten-free options, the Ebon Coffee Collective is keeping with the times and supporting that progress in their Billings community. With your latte and breakfast burrito in hand, take a stroll around town to discover the colorful murals that decorate the buildings and alleyways. It’s like touring an outdoor art gallery as you wander down the main street and through back roads.

Woman viewing gallery in Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, Montana

From the alleyway galleries, make your way over to the Yellowstone Art Museum. With a permanent collection of local artists from the last 60 years to rotating exhibits, the Yellowstone Art Museum has much to offer from the Northern Rockies and Plains region. When your eyes have had their fill, indulge your other senses by grabbing a local brew and a pizza and enjoy the live music courtesy of Montana’s talented residents. 

Plan Your Visit for the Future

Cider display at Last Chance Cider Mill in Billings, Montana

After a day of exploring the city, take your exploration of arts and culture to new horizons and check out Tippet Rise. This one-of-a-kind outdoor art experience offers 15 miles of hiking and biking trails that link together unique large-scale sculptures. The center also offers a summer concert series and scheduled van tours, so check out their website to assist in your trip planning. As you round out your Billings experience, reminisce over a sparkling cider at the Last Chance Cider Mill. Enjoy a hearty meal and begin making a list for your next Billings adventure. With Billing’s past and present offering a variety of experiences, it is exciting to think of what the future has in store!

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