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Bryce Canyon is one of the United States’ most charismatic national parks. Spanning 56 miles, there’s more to do here than is probably possible to cover in a lifetime. But what are the specifics, and where’s a good place to start? Well, you need a base to venture out from, and we’ve got the perfect spot: The Ruby's Inn.
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This story has been created in partnership with Ruby’s Inn, Utah.

Park Proximity

The Ruby’s Inn is just under 10 minutes’ drive from the heart of Bryce Canyon National Park. In fact, when it comes to accommodation, there’s no faster way to get in. Easier still, a shuttle leaves to the park every 15 minutes, ideal for those wishing to leave their vehicle behind (a good idea during the summer months). Shuttles are a great chance to gain unique insight on Bryce, as the drivers will often explain nuanced elements of the park.

Lots to do

The Ruby’s Inn is the sort of place where you have something to do, all the time. It’s a magnet for adventurers because of its array of activities. Among all the Ruby’s Inn offers, some of the more popular things-to-do include ATV riding, mountain biking, scenic flights, rodeos, and canyon to canyon bike rides. Not only that, the hotel is close to several natural attractions, like the Red Canyon, and Kodachrome Basin.

Good food for good times

Eating well is essential for exploring and hiking in national parks, especially during the summer. Rest-assured, for this 100-year old set of digs, cuisine is another strong spot. There are lots of places to dine around Bryce, and some of them are great, but within the Ruby’s Inn you’ll find the area’s finest steak, seafood, chicken, and ribs. For that, head the Cowboy Buffet and Steak Room within the hotel. Just next door, the Canyon Diner makes quick food to enjoy at Sunset Point, just 10 minutes away.

Horseback Riding

They’ve been doing it a while. These tours are available for all ages and skill levels. You’ll delve into some of Utah’s finest scenery, exploring places like Bryce Canyon and the Grand Staircase-Escalante. The guides are locale-experts and will be able to answer your questions thoroughly, and with a good measure of humor. It’s a top way to immerse yourself in Bryce’s nature.

ATV awesomeness

ATV tours are another notable attraction. These are a year-round favorite because you can opt for a shorter tour of some 30 minutes (or one hour). Short though they may be, they still pack a punch. With ATV tours, you’ll experience a mixture of adrenaline and awe as you meander the stunning topography about the Ruby’s Inn. We recommend embarking on yours at sunset, when the abundant oranges and reds really come to life.

Ruby’s Inn wrap

The Ruby’s Inn ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to national park adventures. It provides all it does at a great rate, considering what you get, and never compromises quality in the process. In its 100-years, they’ve mastered customer service, and it shows in the experiences you have. It’s the perfect Bryce-base for so many reasons, and worth booking now.

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