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Vaccinations To Consider When Visiting U.S. National Parks

Vaccinations are an important piece of the pre-departure puzzle you need to solve. It’s important to take health precautions prior to your trip, in order to protect you, the people, and environments you encounter. Trust us, it’s better to remain in robust health for the duration of your trip. Chief among these precautions are vaccinations, that combat diseases local to your destination. Before your trip, make note of whether vaccinations are administered in a single injection, or a series. Not only this, also note how long it takes to be inoculated. These time-frames may affect when you’ll be able to depart, so get it right the first time. For a full list of recommended vaccinations for travel to the United States, please consult a physician or vaccination clinic. The following list is not exhaustive, and is intended to share basic information only.
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A rabies vaccination is administered over the course of three to four weeks. It protects against a life-threatening illness contracted through animal and human bites. It may also occur through getting scratched by something infected. All warm-blooded animals can carry Rabies, and camping in national parks will put you in close proximity to potential carriers. Therefore, it is crucial to include this vaccination in your plan.


Tetanus can be fatal, and it results from contact with rusty objects and soil. In national parks it’s not unlikely you’ll these things, but what can you do? Thankfully, there’s a vaccination to protect against the infection. Consult your doctor to find out more.

To Conclude...

Talk with your doctor if you have further questions on specific health measures that may be required or recommended to prepare for your trip. And if you have additional questions on how to plan for a trip to America’s national parks, contact our experts at Visit USA Parks. Together, we’ll make sure you don’t forget a thing, and that your vacation is one to remember!

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