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Things to Consider When Visiting U.S. National Parks

Water intake and fitness are two crucial things to consider when in National Parks. To ensure that everyone in your party is able to enjoy the activities you have planned, consider what you need to do. We’ve provided some info to help:
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Yellowstone Boardwalk

Water Intake

Appropriate hydration is necessary to keep both you and your environment healthy. You need it just like those trees do! Necessary intake varies depending on weight and fitness, so keep these things to consider in mind when planning your trip. Keep waste to a minimum by recycling any plastic water bottles you bring with you. Better yet, bring a reusable water bottle to fill up at water fountains and refilling stations throughout the parks. And if you forget your water bottle at home, don’t worry: many national parks sell their own as souvenirs in their gift shops! With multiple options for rehydrating, and the bottles to make sure you’re doing so in style, you’ll definitely have all you need to keep your water intake at a safe level during your national park visit.

Yellowstone Boardwalk

Fitness Level

Some other things to consider is the fitness level required from activities, especially when including several family members. Consider the energy and fitness level of the least able members of your group, and plan accordingly. With hikes, for example, consider ways to make it enjoyable for all members of your party. This might mean focusing on low-impact terrain that still offers stunning vistas. If you go river rafting, choose an adventure that takes you over gentle waters. If your party is large enough to split according to fitness, go for it. Just make sure no one embarks alone.

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For more help on planning your dream vacation in one or more of the United States National Parks and around them, and for more advice on health considerations to keep in mind as you prepare for your trip.

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