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Laramie: History, Hops, Hoodoos and Hiking…Oh My!

Welcome to the mother of it all, Laramie, Wyoming! We loaded the mountain bikes on the truck, threw all of our gear in the back and cruised north. We came for the festivals in downtown Laramie, and stayed for the outdoor recreation. Laramie is an idyllic American town with rich history, fun local happenings, and so much outdoor recreation. Alright…saddle up, partner!

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Rocky Mountain National Park and the Colorado Plateau

The Colorado Plateau is an amazing geographical wonder, stretching through four states, it is a vast area of wind-scoured deserts, red sandstone cliffs, tumbling rivers tunning wildlife and soaring mountain peaks. With this trip, you will get to experience everything it has to offer, with a little Rocky Mountain exposure thrown in for good measure.

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National Parks and the Colorado Peaks

Colorado has some of the most staggeringly beautiful landscape in the world, and you will be seeing all it has to offer as you travel the state along the spine of the Rocky Mountains, then down into the desert basin, before heading north again to Pikes Peak.

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How to Spend a Weekend In Cheyenne

Recently, I was given the opportunity to explore Wyoming’s capitol city: Cheyenne. This gem is not only rich in history, but it offers multiple attractions that make it a perfect tourist destination for anyone wanting to experience Eastern Wyoming firsthand. One could easily spend weeks in Cheyenne. For those of you who only have a couple days, I’ve already done the heavy lifting and planned a perfect weekend getaway.

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Close to Nature: 5 National Park suggestions

There are many reasons you may want your national park vacation to take you really close to nature. Perhaps you’re an adventurer at heart, and you long to explore freely. Or maybe you’re growing weary of this fast-paced world, and you want a vacation that will help you slow down. Any one of these options should do the trick. For parks that will fully immerse you in the natural world, look no further. Here come our 5 suggestions for an amazing, close to nature experience.

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