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Exploring Indigenous Heritage in the Rocky Mountain West

When traveling to National Parks and other beautiful places in the Rocky Mountain West, you also travel across the ancestral lands of many different Indigenous tribes. We have created a guide to help you feel prepared exploring Indigenous heritage in the Rocky Mountain West on your next road trip. Indigenous communities are still very much tied to the land, and you can create a positive experience for both yourself and these communities by visiting with gratitude and respect – prepared to learn about the local cultures and histories.

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Winter Weekend in Carbon County, Wyoming

Spend a long weekend in Carbon County, Wyoming this winter. We’ve mapped out the perfect three days that mix outdoor pursuits with comfy relaxation, based around the annual WinterFest celebration in Rawlins. You’ll find good old Wyoming adventure and plenty of holiday cheer throughout!

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Burritos, Bikes and Beauty: An Adventure in West Wendover, Nevada

About five miles south of town, something starts to happen. The landscape stretches out and the monstrous, nearly 11,000-foot silhouette of Pilot Peak starts to rise over West Wendover. Its stark presence reaching out from the middle of the desert is intriguing and dramatic. When I was there it had just snowed up high, making views of this iconic peak truly breathtaking.

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