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Dubois, Wyoming: Home Base for Exploring Winter in Yellowstone

There are few places in time more stunning and peaceful than winter in Yellowstone National Park. Exploring this land of geologic and wildlife wonders when it is decorated in frost and white snow is like moving through a fairytale.

Located just outside Yellowstone is the warm and equally peaceful town of Dubois, Wyoming. This will be your home base on your three-day itinerary of discovering winter in Yellowstone.

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Sounds of Silence in Utah’s Canyon Country

Since I turned 30, my days are literally speeding by. Rapidly. I find myself ingesting new information faster and at a higher rate than I stop to reflect on past experiences. When I travel, I notice myself stopping for a few quick photo ops and hurrying onto the next place. Over a luxurious 8 days though, I explored Utah’s Canyon Country in southeast Utah.

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Granite & Gold in Tuolumne County, California

Gold and granite have been enticing visitors to central California since the mid-1800’s. All around Tuolumne County there are nods to the region’s roots, from Gold Rush era experiences to fantastic museums that educate visitors on the state’s history. Meanwhile, granite continues to beckon travelers from around the world to the same area. Tourists still flock to the Yosemite area to witness the breathtaking domes, sheer walls that reach sky-high, and waterfalls that drop to the valley floors. The combination of granite and gold make Tuolumne County one of the most interesting places to visit.

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3 Vibrant Fall Days in Eastern Idaho’s Yellowstone Teton Territory

Fall brings a vibrant show of colors in Eastern Idaho’s Yellowstone Teton Territory. With leaves changing through September and early October, it’s a great time to be outside and soak in the beauty. The valley starts to cool off in the fall, but there are still plenty of accessible outdoor activities to enjoy. Sounds of elk bugling ricochet through the hills, and being able to witness the elk rut is a special event. Spend at least a few days exploring eastern Idaho this fall, and you’ll fall in love with what you find.

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Adventure and Relax at the Lodges of East Yellowstone

Need some ideas on how to spend your Yellowstone vacation? If you stay at the lodges of East Yellowstone, you’ll have tons of awesome outdoor activities right outside your front door. From guided horseback riding to fly fishing tours, delicious dinners and crackling evening fires, a stay at the Lodges of East Yellowstone provides everything you need.

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3 Perfect Days in Flaming Gorge Country

Flaming Gorge Reservoir is one of northern Utah and southern Wyoming’s greatest gems. Literally, the water sparkles a sapphire blue color, and the flaming red cliffs tower high above. With at least a few days you can sample of some the most stellar outdoor recreation that the area has to offer. Find secret nooks on a boating adventure, or take advantage of the numerous hiking trails. For an adrenaline rush, kick it up a notch with a whitewater rafting tour on the Green River! One thing is for sure, wildlife abounds in this part of the state, so keep your eyes peeled for moose, bear, elk, bighorn sheep, and a variety of other native species.

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Dubois, Wyoming: Togwotee Pass Sled Heaven

596 miles. That’s the distance between Paris and Berlin. 959 kilometers. Thats how many miles of trails you have when snowmobiling the Northern Continental Divide Trail on top of Togwotee Pass. Think of that; throttle wide open as you and your machine hurtle across some of the most vast, the most beautiful, the most wild country in the American West.

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Dubois, Wyoming; Destination Winter on Togwotee Pass

There is a certain way that the sun hits the snow just right. It’s the way it would hit a prism or a crystal. It shines over the blanket of whiteness and explodes, dazzles, flings itself into the air with wild abandon. This is winter in Dubois, Wyoming, up on Togwotee or Union Pass. Maybe it’s just you, maybe you brought along some friends.  Either way you hear that crunch of the snow beneath your snowshoes.  Or maybe there is only the sound of your skis as they glide through feet of fresh powder.

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