Two Days of Yellowstone Adventures at the Lodges of East Yellowstone

You know you want to finally go on that Yellowstone National Park vacation this summer, but you haven't set all the logistical details in stone. If you stay at one of the Lodges of East Yellowstone, everything will fall into place and your vacation will actually feel like time off for adventure and exploration. The Lodges of East Yellowstone  are a group of destination lodges between Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone with fun and food included.
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Day 1: The Ultimate Sunday Drive

Photo by Emily Taylor

As you drive from Cody toward Yellowstone National Park, you will find the journey to your lodge truly is the destination. Your lodge will be on this route—the Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway, so your home base will be in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem just off one of the most beautiful highways in the country.

Because Wyoming has so much public land, you can park the car for a break just about anywhere and really soak up the journey. Take a quick hike and soak up the fresh air to start your vacation now. There are plenty of trails right off the road in the Yellowstone area, and it’s a great way to really settle into your Yellowstone vacation. Keep an eye out for wildlife on the trail (or the road)!

Home, Sweet Home

Photos by Emily Taylor

When you arrive at your chosen lodge, check in and get settled. The warm and cozy atmosphere will make you feel right at home. The fresh mountain air, peaceful forest, and clear skies will energize you to start your adventures.

After a day on the road, stretch your legs and to get to know your home base. It’s time for a little Western history lesson, and each lodge has its own unique history. For example, Buffalo Bill’s niece built the one of these lodges in 1910. The first sheriff of Park County, Henry Dahlem, built another. Buffalo Bill himself has a connection to the lodges. What other stories live in these log-sided walls? The Lodges of East Yellowstone aren’t just comfortable accommodations in a beautiful setting; they’re living history. Explore the area and learn about what Yellowstone was like before it became the nation’s first national park.

Photo by Emily Taylor

Planning tip: When you book your home away from home, staff will help you customize your trip to make it the Yellowstone vacation you’ve been picturing. Plan for a night away from the cabin on an overnight horsepacking trip or just an afternoon riding the trails. Book a guide for some world-class, blue-ribbon fishing. Get ideas for the best trails to take with family or for wildlife sightings. Get ideas on the things that can’t be missed in Yellowstone. When you arrive at your lodge, they’ll have everything in order for your complete Yellowstone experience.

Day 2: Full Day of Adventure

Wake up early your first morning in East Yellowstone Valley to take advantage of everything the area has to offer. Guided fly fishing on gorgeous rivers, pack trips, zip-lining through the trees, hiking trails, and guided horseback rides are all right at your fingertips. Commit to one adventure per half day, so you have time to grab a meal between them and maybe take a well-deserved nap in your private cabin.

Photos by Emily Taylor

An appetite for adventure leads to an appetite for good food, so after your morning of fly fishing or hiking, head to one of the lodge restaurants. Classic American cuisine paired with a beautiful, rustic environment will have you lingering over your relaxed lunch. You can also ask your lodge staff for a sack lunch so you can squeeze that much more of the great outdoors out of your Yellowstone vacation.

After lunch, it’s back to enjoying any kind of outdoor adventure you could possibly want. These activities are what make any trip memorable: quality time with friends and family in a beautiful location. Many guests say that horseback riding trips are their favorite memory, and it’s no surprise. The various lodges provide a number of horseback activities to meet your interest and skill level.  You can go for a short afternoon ride after lunch, or maybe this is when you kick off that overnight guided pack trip into the wilderness.

horseback riding, cowboys, river

Photo courtesy of Lodges of East Yellowstone

fly fishing, fishing, river, wyoming, Yellowstone

Photo courtesy of Lodges of East Yellowstone

Wind Down in Comfort and Style

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Photo courtesy of Lodges of East Yellowstone

Cap of your first day of vacation with a hearty meal. With the choice of anything from burgers and steaks to salad and seafood, the only question will be what adventure you’ll burn it all off doing the next day!You can dine inside your lodge restaurant or head outside for one of the best BBQs you’ve ever had. Most lodges offer cookouts, so you can enjoy your meal outside and settle into the evening around a campfire.

Lodges of East Yellowstone - cowboy campfire

Photo by Emily Taylor

Whether you find yourself telling stories around the fire or enjoying the peaceful evening on your porch, be sure to take in the sunset and do some stargazing. After the scenic drive, activities, and incredible meals, you won’t have any trouble sleeping … unless you’re too excited for what the next day of your Yellowstone vacation will bring!

Day 3: Yellowstone National Park

Now that you’ve gotten a personal taste of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the state of Wyoming, it’s time to check Yellowstone off your bucket list. Enjoy breakfast at the lodge, then load up the car—don’t forget that sack lunch your lodge offers—and head into the park.

There are so many magical things to see and do in the Yellowstone National Park, so make a full day of it. When you get back to your lodge, you can put your feet up and reminisce around the campfire, belly full from another great meal prepared by your hosts.

Why stay at the Lodges of East Yellowstone?

You can’t really beat the location of the Lodges of East Yellowstone. Their proximity to one of the best national parks in the country and access to awesome outdoor activities make them the obvious choice. Stay in the beautiful Yellowstone region you came to see and enjoy authentic experiences of Wyoming all in from one place. Take advantage of having all your amenities in one place (three meals a day, guides, rentals, indoor and outdoor activities, and more) so you can make the most of your Yellowstone vacation.

If you want to connect to the west in a real, authentic way, stay at the lodges of East Yellowstone. With historic roots and Wyoming charm, these lodges are the perfect Yellowstone getaway.

Photo courtesy of Lodges of East Yellowstone


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