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Check Out These Towns from Your Home!

We found some great tools to aid your daydreaming as you follow the recommendation to “dream now, visit later.” Get a taste of these great towns by checking out their impressive virtual tours. Start by strolling through Stockton, California. The virtual tour is easy to use, and it starts with an overview of town and then moves from one point of interest to the next under your direction. As you cover the sidewalks and streets between locations throughout town, you start to develop an understanding of the city. You can even enter some buildings to preview those experiences.
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Stockton, California

While you’re “in” Stockton, stop in at a couple museums.

Start by checking out the Haggin Museum. The art and local history museum is open for virtual browsing inside and out.

Next stop is suitable for the whole family: the Children’s Museum of Stockton. Zip through the colorful exhibits and and educational displays.

Finally, walk through the Cambodian Buddhist Temple and the temple grounds. The enormous, colorful statues surrounding the building are impressive, even through a screen.


For a change of educational scenery, you’ll jet over to Wyoming. 

There are four museums in Wind River Country with brand-new 360-degree tours on Google Maps. Take some time to scroll through the exhibits at each, and spark inspiration for your visit.

Redding, California

If you’re missing the West Coast, we have you covered. Jet back, this time to Redding, California. 

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

First stop: the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. This place boasts 300 acres of educational and entertaining activities including a museum, forestry and wildlife center, interactive exhibits for all ages, an underground aquarium and the state’s largest Northern American butterfly house.

Old City Hall & Art League

Your next stop in Redding is to check out some art at Old City Hall and the Art League. Enjoy the 360-degree tour through multiple galleries and see if you can spot a souvenir you’ll be bringing home from your future trip.

Sundial Bridge

Time for some fresh air! Head over to the famous Sundial Bridge bridge of Redding and enjoy the area surrounding it, as well. You’ll even get to watch the bridge light up after dark.

Window Shopping virtually

Redding, California

All that learning will probably have you ready for a cup of coffee. Since you’re already “in” Redding, take a moment to check out all the choices you have. Pour a cup for yourself while you’re safe at home, and set out for some downtown virtual retail therapy.

Coffee Shops 
Dowtown Shopping

Sample the Dining & Beverages

Redding, California

If you haven’t worked up an appetite yet, take another lap and learn more about the places that were most appealing to you. After all, the next phase of “dream now, visit later” is to start planning for your later visit!

But if you are ready for a meal, the Redding Cultural District awaits. Stockton is a wonderfully diverse destination with all kinds of cuisine.

Top off your exploration with a sampling of wine or beer. Of course, sipping is a little difficult through the screen, but you can get a sense of place in the Willamette Valley Vineyards Estate Tasting Room. Click on the 360-degree virtual tour of the vineyard or watch the 360-degree video of breweries in downtown Redding below to give yourself one last place to dream about now and visit later.

Downtown Dining
Downtown Breweries

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