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Utah Road Trip Featuring 3 Natural Wonders

Sometimes confused with the famous Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, Goosenecks State Park is an overlook of one of the most incredible river meanders in North America. From our car, we walked slowly to the edge of the overlook, peering down at the lazy San Juan River below. The river cuts through time, exposing various rock layers and leaving the most stunning, extensive meanders in the canyon.

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Burritos, Bikes and Beauty: An Adventure in West Wendover, Nevada

About five miles south of town, something starts to happen. The landscape stretches out and the monstrous, nearly 11,000-foot silhouette of Pilot Peak starts to rise over West Wendover. Its stark presence reaching out from the middle of the desert is intriguing and dramatic. When I was there it had just snowed up high, making views of this iconic peak truly breathtaking.

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Wine and ride through Cottonwood, Arizona

The red cliffs became more vibrant, and the yucca, ocotillo, agave, cactus and other desert plants stood proudly on the trailside. Truly, this state park is such a wonderful place to play, and it’s only a few miles from Old Town Cottonwood, making it a breeze to get on the trails.

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