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5 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Next National Park Trip

Gadgets are essential parts of any trip to the national parks. If you want to fully harness the power of your camping trip, you’ll want to be selective about the must-have gadgets you bring. To pack smart for your next adventure, begin with these essential devices. Don’t forget to bring appropriate U.S. adapters with you, so you can be sure to recharge and use them all throughout your trip!
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Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are indispensable must-have gadgets in the modern world, and it’s a no-brainer to bring one. Family members and friends back home will be anxious to keep in touch with you while you’re away, so travel able, and be ready to communicate. Additionally, the all-in-one nature of today’s mobile phones also means you can pack light, and carry everything you need in your pocket. Some smartphone apps can also serve as guides to the national parks you’re visiting. Be warned, however. Cell reception is often spotty in campgrounds and other less-populated areas of national parks.

Wood-Burning Portable Stove

There are several options for portable stoves to bring with you on your national park camping trip. Aside from being an essential tool for warm food or clean water, this must-have gadget can also serve as an adapter that charges your devices. A wood-burning stove gathers its fuel from twigs and logs conveniently located at your campground, ensuring that this gadget is both a sustainable and energy-efficient way to help you stay nourished and connected while camping.  

Portable Heater

If you’re traveling in cooler seasons, you’ll want to take along a portable heater to keep you toasty warm when the night gets colder. Being cold in the morning is bad – we all know it. It’s easily avoided with a heater, and you can use it after some cold-water swimming in a lake! 

Camera/Video Camera

If your mobile phone doesn’t support camera technology, or you’re an avid photographer or filmmaker, you’ll probably want to bring a separate camera. ‘Classic’ cameras are capable of capturing detailed, professional-grade images, so you might want one on top of your phone anyway. If you do that, you’ll need to know some photography basics. Click here to read more about how to fine tune your wilderness and nature photography skills.

Portable Shower

Another must-have gadget and campsite essential, many portable showers provide water pressure similar to what you’d find at home. They’ll deliver a complete clean for a fraction of the size of a normal shower, and one that is perfect for convenient packing. Staying clean on the road is important. With all the hiking and nature you’ll be experiencing, it’s even more important.

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