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24 National Park Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts & Travel Lovers

Buying the perfect gift for someone can be difficult and, at times, stressful. We’ve put together a list of national park gifts for outdoor enthusiasts and those that are passionate about traveling and spending time in US national parks. From keepsakes and souvenirs to adventures and experiences, these national park gifts are sure to inspire wanderlust!
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Danella Myers

Adventurer & Photographer

Apparel & Accessories

There are plenty of options for wearing national parks pride. Souvenir t-shirts, hats, etc. are available in many national park visitors centers and also from a wide variety of online retailers. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. The Landmark Project Beanies

Stylish and cozy knit pom beanies.

2. Parks Project

Purchase supports the National Park Foundation and/or other organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving parklands.
Parks Project is an organization that is passionate about the outdoors and maintaining parks and public lands. They have a huge selection of outdoors-themed products including many national park gifts.

3. December Moon Design – Cuff Bracelets

This Etsy shop has really unique bracelets and belt buckles featuring map designs, including several national park maps.

Photo: Etsy – December Moon Design

4. Reyn Spooner – National Parks Collection

An artist-designed national park version of a Hawaiian shirt.

Photo: Reyn Spooner

5. Earth Clay Jewelry – National Park Necklaces

Beautiful necklaces with delicate clay sculpture depicting some of the most beautiful parts of the United States! 

Photo: Etsy – EarthClayCo

Maps, Stickers, Etc.

It’s fun to keep track of the places you’ve visited by checking them off or collecting something from each place.

6. Passport To Your National Parks®

The official passport for tracking your national park visits. Stop by national park visitor centers and get the cancellation stamp for that specific park.

7. World Vibe Studio – National Parks and Trails Maps

Word Vibe Studio creates beautiful US national parks maps for those who love exploring!

8. Travel Stamps National Park Books

The Travel Stamps national parks books are another great way to document your national park visits. Get the travel stamps at national park visitor centers or purchase them online.

9. Kristin Douglas Art National Park Scratch Off Map

A stunning scratch off map featuring the 50 states plus the national parks in each state.

Photo: Etsy – Kristin Douglas Art

10. National Parks Stickers

Eiman Design Co. has awesome sticker designs perfect for national park sticker collectors! Albion Mercantile Co. also has a great selection of national park stickers. 

11. National Park Checklist

A functional and beautiful national parks checklist.

Photo: Etsy – NationalPark Art

12. Field Notes National Park Series

Purchase supports the National Park Service.
These Field Notes notebooks are perfect for documenting travels and adventures.

Photo: Field Notes

13. The Wander Club Wanderchain & Tokens

The Wanderchain is a fun way to keep track of the places you’ve visited, and it’s a great souvenir that doesn’t take up too much space!

Photo: Field Notes

Home & Decor

It’s fun to keep track of the places you’ve visited by checking them off or collecting something from each place.

14. Rumpl Blankets – National Parks Collection

Transport yourself to the most iconic scenery in the West to the most famous national park, the Grand Canyon, or take in the aqua hot springs and gushing geysers of America’s first national park, Yellowstone, without being run over by a herd of bison (or tourists). Other National Parks featured include Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Rocky Mountains, and Great Smoky Mountains. 

Photo: Rumpl

15. Pendleton National Parks Blankets & Throws

The Pendleton national parks blankets and throws are incredibly beautiful, with colors and designs inspired by national parks. The Pendleton National Parks collection also features coats, jackets, coffee mugs and more.

Photo: Field Notes

16. National Parks Inspired Candles

Memories are often triggered by the sense of smell so candles can be a great way to be reminded of outdoor adventures. Paddywax has scents for some of the United States’ most popular national parks. Purchases from Paddywax support the National Park Foundation. 

Photo: Paddywax

17. National Park Hydroflask

Hydroflask partnered with the National Park Foundation to create custom national park themed reusable water bottles. Perfect for the leave no trace traveler in your life!

Photo: Hydroflask

18. National Parks Puzzles

True South Puzzle Company has a great collection of national parks puzzles. Anderson Design Group also offers a. variety of national parks puzzles. 

19. National Parks Edition Games

Get a national parks edition of some popular games including Monopoly, Jenga, Trivial Pursuit and Yahtzee.

Photo: The Op

Adventures, Experiences, Etc.

Sometimes it’s better to do things than have things. If you’d like to give the gift of experience and adventure, here are a few options.

20. America the Beautiful National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass

For the national parks enthusiast, an annual pass is a must.

Photo: USGS Store

21. OARS National Park Adventures

For a next-level experience, guided adventures can be a good option. OARS offers several adventures including rafting, hiking and kayaking in various national parks.

22. REI Adventures – National Parks Trips

REI’s adventures include backpacking, cycling, snowshoeing and more.

Photo: REI

23. Vacation Races – National Park Half Marathons, Ultra Marathons & More

 Vacation Races organizes races and running events in some of the most beautiful places, including national parks.


24. National Park Foundation – Tribute Gift Donation

Sometimes the best gift is to give to a cause that someone is passionate about. The National Park Foundation makes it simple to donate in honor of someone.


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