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Why a Travel Fanny Pack is All You Need in Life

Mom fashionistas, rejoice. The travel fanny pack is BACK. Turns out, it is the best travel accessory of all time.
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Alana B.

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Why a travel fanny pack?

You may still be living the unenlightened life of a non-fanny pack wearer and be asking this question. Fanny packs are in fact the EASIEST way to hold all your important stuff without having to deal with a purse. It is literally attached to you. It is impossible to lose. All your stuff is directly in front of you. Getting through TSA security with a ~travel fanny pack~ makes it easy to have your phone/wallet with ID/earphones/boarding pass/chapstick RIGHT THERE. It is amazing people. Truly life changing.

Don’t take it from me. Look how amazing these people look. Is that a Dolce & Gabbana fanny pack? Embroidered flowers?! Fanny packs are the future. Hold all your stuff. Lose nothing ever again.

Things to look for in a travel fanny pack.

When choosing my own personal fanny pack, I took lots of things into consideration. Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a travel fanny pack. Choosing a fanny pack is basically like choosing a life partner. This is a very serious decision. Luckily, I did the hard core research for you and broke down the most critical components here.

1. Waist Measurement

There’s nothing worse than getting your brand new travel fanny pack in the mail and realizing that the waist measurement can’t accommodate your size. One of my favorites is just a bit too big on the smallest setting. What a bummer. If you’re ordering online, check to make sure the smallest or biggest measurement will be the right size for you. Also make sure there is a way to secure the waist strap if you have extra left over. Some brands will leave you dragging a fanny pack waist strap tail. Not cute.


2. Clip Style

Personally, I am a fan of the industrial size clip. Some people prefer a more subtle look. Will it dig into your back when you’re sitting on an airplane? You cannot be too careful when selecting your travel fanny pack. It’s all in the details.


3. Size

Are you looking for something that can hold only the essentials? Would you like to carry a grocery store’s worth of snacks at all time (my personal preference)? Consider your needs in terms of size, and look for photos online that compare the actual size of items to the bag. If trying on in a store, try to fit all the stuff you would want to carry into your new travel fanny pack.


4. Pattern vs. Solid Color

If you’re constantly wearing bold bright patterns, take that into consideration when selecting from the myriad of fanny pack styles. You might opt for a solid color, or a neutral to offset your amazing bold self. If you can’t stay away from the patterns, opt for one with a darker background and a more subtle pattern. You can still get your fix but it won’t be an eyesore. See below: stripes + magical Japanese cranes = style.


My friend is not smiling because she does not have a travel fanny pack. True story. Another true story? Fanny packs can be worn across the chest, and are for men too! Dudes, do not shy away from the fanny pack life. It has been waiting for you.

Moral of the story?

Everyone who travels should have a travel fanny pack, and everyone who has one looks amazing in it. For more travel accessory advice, check out our top ten list!

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