Top Snow Dog Sled Tours in the U.S.

Although Alaska normally is the first place people think of in reference to snow dog sled tours, there are so many other snowy locations that offer unforgettable sledding experiences! It helps that these locations are a bit closer to home, too. Ranging from California to Minnesota, here are five places you can dog sled to your heart's content.
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Vail Valley, Colorado

Want a scenic trail that is unpopulated by snowmobiles? Vail Valley boasts beautiful aspen forests and a variety of wildlife. As you sled through, take the time to appreciate the glades and the snowy, rolling meadows. A thrilling ride through a winter wonderland sounds like a perfect spring break adventure.

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Big Sky, Montana

This is just one option out of many in Montana. Planning on spending a week in this beautiful state? Start your snow dog sled ride in Big Sky, then head toward Yellowstone or Glacier for some different terrain and wilderness trails. After spending the day outdoors, head back into town to grab a bite to eat. Who knows what the next day will bring? From sledding to skiing, Big Sky has it all. Get outside and start exploring!

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Ely, Minnesota

According to the Ely Chamber of Commerce, Ely has more dog sled providers than anywhere else in the world and is the unofficial capital of dog sledding. Spend a day or so sledding through Superior National Forest, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Northern lights! Already visited Ely? Here are a few other spots in Minnesota to go dog sledding.

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Olympic Forest, California

Bet you didn’t think the state of summer and palm trees would be on this list! However, in the Olympic Forest, snow dog sledding is quite popular. If you’re looking to experience the spectacular forests and meadows of the Sierra Nevada region, then be sure to visit this location. Hint, take some time to explore the scenery around Lake Tahoe.

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Lake Placcid, New York

Did you know this is where the first Olympic dog sled demonstration was held? In fact, some of the town residents still use dog sleds as their dependable means of transportation during the winter. If you are looking for a tranquil spot and a variety of other winter activities, this is the place for you. Stay warm and happy trails!

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Seward, Alaska

This state had to appear somewhere on this list. So last, but not least, is Seward, a port city in southern Alaska. Renowned for its glaciers and mountain views, this is the perfect place to embark on an unforgettable snow dog sled tour. If you’re feeling up to it, catch a helicopter ride to the top of the glacier, then let the dog sledding adventures begin!

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There are so many options to choose from. States you probably never would have considered visiting boast some of the most stunning scenery and trails. Where are your sledding adventures taking you next? Visit someplace new!

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