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A Love Affair with Grand Canyon National Park

I moved to Sedona, Arizona in December 2017, having only been once before to visit. On my previous trip, I had spent several days basking in the glory of the Red Rocks and the famous glow of the energy vortexes. It was my 27th birthday. Six months later, when the opportunity to move to Sedona presented itself, I took a leap of faith. I knew Arizona was magic and I wanted to be in it.

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Parker, Arizona: Rugged desert and even a ghost town!

Traveling from Phoenix to the Mojave Desert, I stopped in Parker, Arizona for a few days. This unique gem of a destination is located within the “West Coast” region of Arizona on the Colorado River and isn’t far from larger metropolitan areas like Phoenix (160 miles) and Las Vegas (178 miles). I was delighted by the fascinating attractions around this small town! I  hiked outside in a mountain park, wandered around a ghost town, and spent the afternoon relaxing in the Colorado River. Less than two hours from Joshua Tree National Park, Parker is such a fun place to pass a few days.

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Arizona: A Landscape Like No Other

Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon State, and with good reason. Grand Canyon National Park is a world-renowned geographical wonder. But Arizona isn’t just the Grand Canyon, there is so much more to this remarkable state, and this itinerary is going to show you where to find these untraveled gems.

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National Parks and a Southwest Road Trip

The Great American Road Trip awaits you as you travel across some of the most beautiful landscapes the American West has to offer. This trip will take you from the Golden Coast to the Shining Desert with nothing but adventure along the way.

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