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It’s National Plan for a Vacation Day! Have you committed to taking time off?

Did you know that in 2020 Americans left 33% of their vacation time unused? People have a hard time committing to taking time off and spending those days relaxing or traveling. So, in honor of the last Tuesday of January, National Plan for Vacation Day, we’ve created some tips to help you take a vacation! Whether you decide to plan a simple staycation or travel abroad, you deserve a break and should take advantage of your time off.
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Before deciding where you want to go, take some time to determine how many vacation days you’ve earned. This will help inform your travel plans. After you’ve taken a look, check your budget. How much are you willing to spend on this trip? If your budget is tight, you can still have fun. Consider taking a budget friendly vacation close to home. Where was that town that you always have driven through, but have never spent time exploring? Then find a cute little AirBnb to stay in!

If you have the funds to take a more extravagant vacation, ask your friends for recommendations for those unforgettable places…or check your Pinterest board for some unique ideas.

Either way, go ahead and take those steps toward taking a day off. Otherwise you’ll just end up working more or sitting at home wishing you had planned something during National Plan for Vacation Day!


After you’ve gotten everything organized, commit to that decision. Don’t wait to book that weekend getaway in that adorable Airbnb you found or put off purchasing those steal-of-a-deal plane tickets! If you know you’re the kind of person that needs other people to hold you accountable, involve your friends in the planning process or invite them along for the adventure. Once you have the vacation days chosen, block them off on your calendar, and let the office know you’ll be unavailable during that time. You don’t want to be sitting on your computer constantly checking emails or answering phone calls during the time you set aside for a well-deserved break!

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Finally, just take the leap and go! According to, “research shows that individuals who plan are more likely to use all of their time off, take more vacation days at once and report greater levels of happiness at work and at home.” Who doesn’t want to be happy? As hard as it can be sometimes to stop working and take time for yourself, it is absolutely necessary to your well-being. People were not made to work all the time and need leisure in order to feel rested and fulfilled. So go ahead, hop in your car, and drive to that destination. Spend your time recharging by yourself or with family and friends. Either way, we know you’ll be happy you did. 

Wishing you a very inspired and productive National Plan for Vacation Day!

Already know what you want to do? Share your ideas with your friends and family. Let’s make it a goal to get those unused vacation day numbers down.

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