Author: Erika L.

The Best of Summer in Silverthorne and Dillon, Colorado

The neighboring towns of Silverthorne and Dillon, Colorado are the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. While known for their close proximity to Colorado’s ski areas, these towns come alive in the summer, welcoming visitors with scenic wildflower hikes, thrilling whitewater and lake adventures, and a vibrant arts and culture scene. This two-day itinerary highlights all there is to offer in scenic Silverthorne and Dillon. Remember to check local safety guidelines and travel responsibly.

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Morgan County: Where the Prairie Meets the Sky

The warm weather is approaching in Colorado, which means the highways heading for the mountains are about to get jam-packed. Have you ever thought about straying away from the crowds and heading the opposite direction? Morgan County, Colorado is just an hour east of Denver and offers a new kind of Colorado adventure! Intriguing history, historic bridges, artistic treasures, sandy reservoir beaches, towering landmasses, starry skies, and so much more are all waiting to be discovered in this itinerary!

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Four Can’t Miss Events in Logan County

The nice weather in Logan County is not the only thing that brings the plains of Colorado to life. The warm air intertwines with the smell of funnel cake, the lights of a Ferris wheel, the anticipation of eight seconds on a bull, the excitement of concerts, and the roar of vintage engines. These aspects add up to create some of the best days of the year in Logan County. That’s right, the concerts, festivals, fairs, rodeos and other events in Logan County not only awaken the locals, but draw in tourists from all over. Pay attention to when you plan on visiting northeastern Colorado because you won’t want to miss the area’s signature happenings!

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Two Days in Logan County and Sterling Itinerary

Located on the northeastern corner of the beautiful state of Colorado, far from city lights and backed up traffic, sits Logan County. This agricultural area is the perfect place to wind down, whether you are on a road trip across the country or looking for a weekend getaway. The hub of the county is Sterling. Here you will find a “small town” atmosphere, interesting history, friendly locals and a lively downtown with shops, restaurants, and a brewery. Surrounding Sterling is the natural beauty of the high plains that provides an activity for everyone! Sterling is filled with fairs, festivals and events, so if you plan your trip just right, you may get to experience one!

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Carbon County – Rooted In History With An Eye Toward the Future

As we race through our hectic lives with things to do, places to be, and people to see it’s easy to overlook the importance of taking a moment to slow down. Unfortunately, in our society speed is a reward because going going going means you’re getting more done, which is more rewarding, right? Well, in my opinion sometimes slowing down is the true reward. For this exact reason, southern Carbon County, Wyoming is the perfect spot. Let me tell you about this hidden gem between the trees that offers you history, views and the reward of slowing down.

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Sterling and Logan County – A Weekend On the Plains

When most of us think about a weekend getaway, we don’t usually think of going to a small town on the northeastern plains of Colorado. Or maybe that’s just me because I have an overwhelming love for places with a little higher altitude. However, after I was invited to join my family for a weekend in Logan County, Colorado I quickly realized that each destination (even those a little off the radar) have something to offer.

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Lodges of East Yellowstone – Finding Your Special Place in The Wild

Let’s be honest: I have always been a bit hesitant about visiting Yellowstone National Park. It sounds crazy, I know. I was skeptical about these bumper to bumper cars and these crowds of people that everyone always spoke about. I thought to myself, “is this really what Yellowstone is all about, is there really not some place that is still in the wild?” Well I’m glad I didn’t fall into the talk of the crowds. Let me tell you about The Lodges of East Yellowstone.

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