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White on Red: Winter in Cedar City, Utah

In the forested stretches above Cedar City, Brian Head Ski Resort dishes out powder days to those seeking turns. From the vantage at the ski resort, red rock formations in the distance gleam under fresh snow. This is truly a unique experience from a ski lift!

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Nevada’s Best Road Trip: Cowboy Country

There are two major qualities of Cowboy Country that stick out to us most. First, no matter the size of the town or what you think you see from the highway, there’s always a myriad of dirt roads that will take you into country you didn’t think could be there. Second, many of the locals you’ll meet have families who have been in the area for over a hundred years.

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Dubois, Wyoming: Home Base for Exploring Winter in Yellowstone

There are few places in time more stunning and peaceful than winter in Yellowstone National Park. Exploring this land of geologic and wildlife wonders when it is decorated in frost and white snow is like moving through a fairytale.

Located just outside Yellowstone is the warm and equally peaceful town of Dubois, Wyoming. This will be your home base on your three-day itinerary of discovering winter in Yellowstone.

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11 Underrated State Parks You Need to Have on Your Bucket List

While America’s national parks get most of the attention, raking in 4-6 million visitors per year at big name destinations like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, busy parks may not be what you’re seeking. State parks see far fewer visitors individually, meaning more ‘me time’ for you and less jockeying for the best selfie-position. Go for a hike, take your fishing pole or sketchbook, and enjoy some real peace and quiet in some of America’s best state parks.

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Winter Family Fun in West Yellowstone

It’s winter and the whole family has cabin fever… what to do? Don’t think twice, just book it to West Yellowstone, Montana. This place is a mecca for outdoor winter adventures, geared toward adults and kids alike. With winter activities at your fingertips, including world-class Nordic skiing and downhill resorts nearby, what’s not to love? The Kids’N’Snow weekends offered 4 times during the winter offer a free opportunity for kids to play outside and try different snow sports. Here’s what you can look forward to during a West Yellowstone winter vacation…

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Dubois, Wyoming; Destination Winter on Togwotee Pass

There is a certain way that the sun hits the snow just right. It’s the way it would hit a prism or a crystal. It shines over the blanket of whiteness and explodes, dazzles, flings itself into the air with wild abandon. This is winter in Dubois, Wyoming, up on Togwotee or Union Pass. Maybe it’s just you, maybe you brought along some friends.  Either way you hear that crunch of the snow beneath your snowshoes.  Or maybe there is only the sound of your skis as they glide through feet of fresh powder.

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