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Top 5 Things To Do in Wyoming’s Wind River Country

I like to have room to breathe when I travel. For me, sharing a viewing platform with 50 other people doesn’t feel special; I’m trying to escape the seething mass of humanity, not meld with it. In the past, I thought I’d only find this space in the most remote parts of the American Midwest – but I was wrong. You can find your room to breathe in Wind River Country, Fremont County, Wyoming.

5 Must-See Places in Wind River Country

Wyoming’s Wind River Country is a region that contains one of the most diverse landscapes I’ve ever seen. From lush forests with waterfalls to desert badlands, this part of Wyoming has it all. I was fortunate enough to explore this area for a weekend. The amount of things to do here blew me away. With literally hundreds of great spots in Wind River County, I’ve narrowed it down to five top destinations for you.

Find Wyoming Cultural Experiences in Riverton

Riverton, Wyoming, is a special destination en route to Yellowstone for several reasons. The first is the access to Native American culture, due to the town’s location at the edge of the state’s only Native American Reservation. The second is the full calendar, which means whenever you pass through you’re likely to find an authentic Wyoming event to attend. Finally, you can reach all these Wyoming cultural experiences in Riverton via plane or on a road trip.

Go Off the Grid in Capitol Reef Country, Utah

The Capitol Reef Country of Wayne County, Utah, is one of the American Southwest’s least-explored natural regions. Just one look at the map and you’ll see that this is a vast and remarkable area filled with parks, monuments, and countless hidden gems. Here you’ll find few lines and little traffic, leaving more time to enjoy the great outdoors in this alluring area in southern Utah—the perfect destination for year-round adventure!

Riverton, Wyoming: Front and Center

There is a reason why Riverton, Wyoming is called the Rendezvous City. It sits at a crossroad of the past and the present. Where Native tribes and mountain men would meet at the joining of the Big Wind and Little Wind Rivers, where modern-day industry and progress meet the Wild West, and where big-city amenities meet small-town hospitality.

Take the Scenic Route: Explore the Fun Way to Yellowstone at Wind River Hotel & Casino

Smack dab in the middle of Cowboy Country, Wind River Country is largely unknown outside of Wyoming but that’s precisely the point. With adventure any direction you head, it’s one of the last remaining frontier towns on the way to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, or Jackson Hole. Whichever way you’re headed, Wind River is a great stopover to break up the trip and get to know one of Wyoming’s best-kept secrets.

Exploring Indigenous Heritage in the Rocky Mountain West

When traveling to National Parks and other beautiful places in the Rocky Mountain West, you also travel across the ancestral lands of many different Indigenous tribes. We have created a guide to help you feel prepared exploring Indigenous heritage in the Rocky Mountain West on your next road trip. Indigenous communities are still very much tied to the land, and you can create a positive experience for both yourself and these communities by visiting with gratitude and respect – prepared to learn about the local cultures and histories.

Grand Teton National Park: Wyoming’s Prominent Peaks

Grand Teton may be Wyoming’s most recognizable landmark. The iconic peaks are visible from miles and miles away, but visiting Grand Teton National Park provides a marvelous close-up perspective. Kayaking and hiking around Jenny Lake or String Lake, you feel as though...

Check Out These Towns from Your Home!

We found some great tools to aid your daydreaming as you follow the recommendation to “dream now, visit later.” Get a taste of these great towns by checking out their impressive virtual tours.
Start by strolling through Stockton, California. The virtual tour is easy to use, and it starts with an overview of town and then moves from one point of interest to the next under your direction. As you cover the sidewalks and streets between locations throughout town, you start to develop an understanding of the city. You can even enter some buildings to preview those experiences.

Armchair Adventures: Virtual travel itinerary

For travelers, the call to adventure can be difficult to resist. We appreciate that you’re not globetrotting or even just hitting the road for a little outdoor adventure at this time. To feed your need for beautiful scenery, wide-open spaces, and movement, we have compiled some of our favorite outdoor rec-liner activities. Join us for some armchair adventures until you can get there IRL.

Exploring Indigenous Heritage in the American Southwest

When traveling to National Parks and other awe-inspiring places in the Southwest United States, you also travel across the ancestral lands of many different Indigenous tribes. We have created a guide to help you feel prepared exploring Indigenous heritage in the Southwest and Four Corners region on your next road trip. Indigenous communities are still very much tied to the land, and you can create a positive experience for both yourself and these communities by visiting with gratitude and respect – prepared to learn about the local cultures and histories.

Archaeology Road Trip: The Four Corners Region

For the ultimate archaeology road trip through the Four Corners region, look no further! From the Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park to the petroglyphs at Chaco Canyon, the sandstone spires in Canyon de Chelly, and plenty of other incredible dwellings, hikes, and sites in between, this 10-day itinerary is the southwestern archaeology itinerary of a lifetime.

Spirit of America Road Trip: Explore the Kentucky Bourbon & Tennessee Whiskey Trails

For the ultimate American distillery road trip, look no further than the middle Southern states of Tennessee and Kentucky. Both states, respectively famous for their whiskey and bourbon production, are dotted with distilleries that boast strong spirits and natural beauty that lingers. Prepare to take in rolling pastures, remote hollers and scenic mountain ranges that seem to be frozen in a different time and place. This part of the lower Appalachian Mountains is an often misunderstood and underrated part of the American historical, cultural and geographic landscape. In these parts, you’ll find yourself getting lost down winding country roads that slice through some of America’s richest layers.

Utah Road Trip Featuring 3 Natural Wonders

Sometimes confused with the famous Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, Goosenecks State Park is an overlook of one of the most incredible river meanders in North America. From our car, we walked slowly to the edge of the overlook, peering down at the lazy San Juan River below. The river cuts through time, exposing various rock layers and leaving the most stunning, extensive meanders in the canyon.

Top Ten Spookiest Ghost Towns in America

It’s spooky season and we think one of the best ways to celebrate is by exploring ghost towns and enjoying that crisp fall air! With our top ten favorite ghost towns dotted all over the country, there are plenty of opportunities to visit at least one or two.

California from Sea to Yosemite: The Southern Central Valley

California’s Central Valley is the heartland of California. It stretches past farm stands, along country roads, and through uniquely artistic communities right to the gates of some of the nation’s most renowned national parks such as Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon. Follow this itinerary to explore the southern portion of this 400-mile long heart of California.

The Best Hot Springs Destinations Near Yellowstone

Travel Tips Yellowstone is the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s always best to balance a little R&R with a lot of adventure - these are the best hot spring destinations near Yellowstone National Park. Prepared By:Montana Hot SpringsFairmont Hot Springs Resort The...

Yellowstone Safari Company

Yellowstone Safari CompanyPrivate and Small Group Safari Tours in  | (406) 586-1155A local, guide-owned and operated safari company offering award-wining, once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences in...

Laramie in the Summer

Whether you’re out to earn your turns or braaap it up, Laramie is high on “we’re coming back next winter” lists all over the country. But we’re here to make the case that it should be on “we’re coming back this summer” lists.

Refuel Your Road Trip in Platte County, WY

Here at Visit USA Parks, we live for cross-country road trips. They are simply the best way to take in the expanse of the American West. But after six hours at the wheel, there is no amount of sugary truck stop snacks that can keep you going (and we encourage safe, alert driving at all times!). It’s much better to pull over in a place like Platte County, Wyoming, where there’s so much to do you might even spend an extra night.

Our (Very!) Successful Fly-Fishing Trip to Thermopolis, Wyoming

When my parents decided they wanted to come visit me, I’d already been in central Wyoming near Thermopolis for a few months, after moving here for a job and a love for the mountains. In July, they drove west from Indiana and brought with them their easy-going midwestern spirits, some random items I’d left behind in my childhood room, and a strong itch to go fly-fishing.

Alternatives to 10 of America’s Most Popular National Parks

National parks have become increasingly popular over the past few decades, with the most popular parks receiving millions of visitors each year. While there’s no substitute for visiting America’s most-loved national parks, we’ve come up with a list of alternatives that are worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for less crowded places.

7 Ways to Experience Winter in Cody, Wyoming

Our love for the American West–and particularly places like Cody, Wyoming–runs deep all year long. That’s why we’ve rounded up seven of the best ways to experience a Cody’s wide-open spaces this winter. Located just east of Yellowstone National Park and founded by William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, it’s no wonder this western town is a treasure-trove of outdoor activity, making ‘natural distance’ easy. We think you’ll find there’s something fun for the whole family, no matter what the forecast says!

Nevada’s Hidden Treasures

With about 85% of their total land space firmly in the public domain, Nevada is one of the few states in the United States where you can roam free. In this itinerary, we are going to show you the whole of the state, from north to south, east to west, and a few hidden gems in between.

American West Road Trip Itinerary: Southern Utah, 6 National Parks

This is the ultimate American west road trip. Utah has five national parks in just the southern half of the state, so you could easily cover ground without covering an overwhelming amount of distance. Add a sixth national park to the trip by hitting up the less traveled north rim of the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona!

Emily Taylor

Meet Emily TaylorNational Park Outdoor EnthusiastEmily has been capturing experiences for Visit USA Parks since 2017. Though she’s a Colorado gal at heart, her thirst for travel has taken her to the tip of South America, through the flavors of Southeast Asia, and all...

The Best of Bakersfield, California in 2 Days

Located directly on the Kern River and just below Sequoia National Forest, Bakersfield is a southern California city with lots of diversity. Visitors can go whitewater rafting in the morning and be cheering on a race car in the evening. If you’re planning to cruise through the national parks of southern California like Sequoia, Redwoods, or Yosemite, we recommend spending a few days in Bakersfield on your way. Fly into Meadows Field Airport for less driving time.

Uncover California’s Central Valley in Yolo County

Getting off the grid in California can be hard to do, but not if you know where to look. Let us help you discover Yolo County in California’s Central Valley. Here, small town culture hemmed in by beautiful rolling hills and countryside connotes a slower pace of life, perfect for first-time visitors and return travelers alike. Take your time sipping, tasting, and pedaling your way through Yolo County. You’ll be amazed at how much this part of the Golden State has to offer!

Parker, Arizona: Rugged desert and even a ghost town!

Traveling from Phoenix to the Mojave Desert, I stopped in Parker, Arizona for a few days. This unique gem of a destination is located within the “West Coast” region of Arizona on the Colorado River and isn’t far from larger metropolitan areas like Phoenix (160 miles) and Las Vegas (178 miles). I was delighted by the fascinating attractions around this small town! I  hiked outside in a mountain park, wandered around a ghost town, and spent the afternoon relaxing in the Colorado River. Less than two hours from Joshua Tree National Park, Parker is such a fun place to pass a few days.

Dubois, Wyoming: Home Base for Exploring Winter in Yellowstone

There are few places in time more stunning and peaceful than winter in Yellowstone National Park. Exploring this land of geologic and wildlife wonders when it is decorated in frost and white snow is like moving through a fairytale.

Located just outside Yellowstone is the warm and equally peaceful town of Dubois, Wyoming. This will be your home base on your three-day itinerary of discovering winter in Yellowstone.

Alaska Road Trip Itinerary

Alaska is all about its glaciers, peaks, and parks. While many opt to cruise around the 49th state, taking an Alaska road trip lets you explore the state from a whole new perspective. Enjoy gorgeous mountain views, remote natural vistas, and some of America’s greatest national treasures. Welcome to Alaska!

Yellowstone Road Trip Itinerary: The Black Hills Route

This route is perfect for those who want to experience the beauty of the open road and some of America’s most untamed areas. Your Yellowstone road trip can include so much more than just national parks! Experience an epic American road trip complete with old western towns, intriguing culture, and unbelievable scenery.

Southeast Idaho: Road Trip on the Water

Technically I drove my way through Southeast Idaho, but I connected all points of interest following the allure of the state’s fresh, natural waters. I found turquoise blue water, naturally carbonated water, and even natural hot springs that seemed to cure every ail imaginable. With a swimsuit and a pair of water-ready sandals, I hit the road.

Best Places to Visit in Maine: America’s Most Northeastern State

Welcome to Maine! The most Northeastern state of the United States is defined by jagged coastline, rolling mountains, heavily forested interior, and picturesque waterways. It is also recognized by its seafood cuisine, especially lobster and clams. Do you like the sound of amazing food, great scenery and a chance to visit one of the most expansive wilderness areas on the East Coast? Then buckle up, because this itinerary is full of some of the best places to visit in Maine!

The Western Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes are one of the most unique areas in the world. With a total surface area of nearly 32,000 square miles, the lakes span a vast area from New York to Minnesota. This itinerary is going to take you through some of the best the western regions has to offer.

Two Days of Yellowstone Adventures at the Lodges of East Yellowstone

You know you want to finally go on that Yellowstone National Park vacation this summer, but you haven’t set all the logistical details in stone. If you stay at one of the Lodges of East Yellowstone, everything will fall into place and your vacation will actually feel like time off for adventure and exploration. The Lodges of East Yellowstone  are a group of destination lodges between Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone with fun and food included.

The Golden Coast of Southern California

The land of movie stars, celebrities, walks of fame and the Golden Coast, Southern California is known to the world around as a premier destination, but Southern California is so much more than just the Golden Coast, and in this itinerary we are going to take you inland as well to experience everything SoCal has to offer.

West Texas and the Legend of Pecos Bill

Texas is a big state. How big? Almost 270,000 square miles big. It’s so big, you could fit Slovenia, Austria, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Macedonia, Belgium, Slovakia and Macedonia inside its borders. That’s Texas. In this itinerary we are going to take you through the norther part of the state, the famous Llano Escatado and down to the border areas of the Rio Grande.

National Travel and Tourism Week: Exploring Tourism Economy

To celebrate this year’s National Travel and Tourism Week (May 5-11th), we’re taking a closer look at how tourism positively impacts both large-scale employment and small-town economies. How does tourism help your town?

There’s no denying that the increase of tourism in certain areas, especially when it’s unregulated, can negatively impact a town. We often forget, however, how many positives come with an influx of tourism. To honor National Travel and Tourism Week, we’re diving in to how tourism has helped natural areas and small towns become true economic forces, and survive even the worst financial downturns.

Things to do in East Texas and the Gulf Coast

Texas is a big state. How big? almost 270,000 square miles big. It’s so big, you could fit Slovenia, Austria, Luxembourg, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Macedonia, Belgium, Slovakia, and Macedonia inside its borders. That’s Texas. In this itinerary, we are going to take you through the eastern part of the state and down into the gulf.

Arizona: A Landscape Like No Other

Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon State, and with good reason. Grand Canyon National Park is a world-renowned geographical wonder. But Arizona isn’t just the Grand Canyon, there is so much more to this remarkable state, and this itinerary is going to show you where to find these untraveled gems.

New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment

New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment for good reason. It is a land of Rocky Mountain heights and vast desert expanses. New Mexico is home to 23 tribes including 19 Pueblos, three Apache tribes, and the Navajo Nation. It has astounding Hispanic culture and modern-day metropolises. This itinerary is going to take you through all of it.

Rocky Mountain National Park and the Colorado Plateau

The Colorado Plateau is an amazing geographical wonder, stretching through four states, it is a vast area of wind-scoured deserts, red sandstone cliffs, tumbling rivers tunning wildlife and soaring mountain peaks. With this trip, you will get to experience everything it has to offer, with a little Rocky Mountain exposure thrown in for good measure.

The Beauty of the Utah National Parks

Utah and the deserts of the American Southwest is some of the most striking geography found anywhere in the world. With this itinerary, your trip will take you through the best this area hast to offer, from Arches National Park to the painted desert of Arizona, The Grand Canyon and more. You will visit six Utah national parks, two national monuments, and a sojourn to the culture and people of the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

A National Park, the Rocky Mountains and Back

This is a road trip of epic proportions as you travel from sea level to 10,000 ft. And back again. From the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, and through a national park or two, this trip will give you an experience of a lifetime.

The Epic Coast to Coast Route

From the shores of the Atlantic to the Golden Coast of California, this coast to coast route will take you in a line across the United States from east to west, and will give you a taste of the life of the great American cities and the national parks along the way.

National Parks and Midwest Road Trips

From Chicago all the way down to the tip of Texas, these midwest road trips will take you on adventures right down the middle of the United States. In this trip you will visit America’s second city, with a number of great parks and a trip to the home of Elvis along the way.

The Hidden Treasures of the West Coast

The Northwest is one of the United States’ great hidden treasures, from rocky coastlines to fog shrouded mountains, desert basins and world-class cities, this trip will give you an experience of some of the best this country has to offer.

National Parks and the Colorado Peaks

Colorado has some of the most staggeringly beautiful landscape in the world, and you will be seeing all it has to offer as you travel the state along the spine of the Rocky Mountains, then down into the desert basin, before heading north again to Pikes Peak.

Southeastern National Parks

The Deep South of the United States is full of rolling hills, flowing rivers, sun-soaked beaches and several Southeastern national parks. In this trip, you will get to experience it all and create memories of a lifetime along the way.

The National Parks and the Mighty East Coast Road Trip

Get ready to experience some of the most unique cities and parks the United States has to offer on this East Coast road trip. You’ll visit some of the most famous cities not only in this country, but in the world, as well as some of the most beautiful landscapes the East Coast has to offer.

National Parks and a Southwest Road Trip

The Great American Road Trip awaits you as you travel across some of the most beautiful landscapes the American West has to offer. This trip will take you from the Golden Coast to the Shining Desert with nothing but adventure along the way.

Denver, Yellowstone, and the National Monuments

The Great American Road Trip awaits you as you travel across some of the most beautiful landscapes the American West has to offer. This trip takes you from lofty mountains to deserts where dinosaurs once roamed. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

National Parks and the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is 363.1 miles long and filled with some of the most dramatic shoreline found anywhere in the world. in this itinerary, you will be traveling most of the length of it, with some great inland stops along the way.

Four Season Fun in Livingston, Montana

From the mountains to the monstrous trout, Montana has endless possibilities. Just north of Yellowstone National Park lies the lovable town of Livingston, an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise in every season. While many parts of Montana deal with harsh winters, Livingston is just one of those “banana belt” towns; a place where the sun shines most days of the year and somehow it doesn’t feel bitter cold on snowy days. Year-round, travelers will appreciate the slew of art that Livingston has to offer. There are 17 galleries and counting around town, plus live theater and music on frequent rotation. For the foodies, casual to fine dining is in abundance in Livingston with over 20 restaurants to choose from! 

Cody, Wyoming: Western Heritage at its Finest

As I sit here in the snow-covered foothills of a below temperature morning of the Wind River Mountains, my thoughts can’t help but turn to summer. Those easy days of early June where the sun-drenched afternoons carry the scent of apple-blossoms on the wind. You will have to pardon me, if I sound a little nostalgic for those long warm days. But it’s hard not to sound nostalgic when you have your long-johns on. When summer comes, it’s time to do what I love best, travel. And this summer I have my sites set on  Cody, Wyoming and the surrounding area.

The Poconos; All the Splendor of Fall

As autumn descends on the forested Mountains in Pennsylvania the local roadside farm stands fill with pumpkins, squash and festive scarecrows. The Poconos region is just a two-hour drive from both New York City and Philadelphia, making it the perfect weekend destination to get out and enjoy a natural landscape full of romance and whimsy. In the Mountains fall foliage reaches its peak with the rolling hills covered in orange, red, and yellow trees, like a rainbow of cotton candy as far as the eye can see.

Dubois, Wyoming: Togwotee Pass Sled Heaven

596 miles. That’s the distance between Paris and Berlin. 959 kilometers. Thats how many miles of trails you have when snowmobiling the Northern Continental Divide Trail on top of Togwotee Pass. Think of that; throttle wide open as you and your machine hurtle across some of the most vast, the most beautiful, the most wild country in the American West.

Two Days in Logan County and Sterling Itinerary

Located on the northeastern corner of the beautiful state of Colorado, far from city lights and backed up traffic, sits Logan County. This agricultural area is the perfect place to wind down, whether you are on a road trip across the country or looking for a weekend getaway. The hub of the county is Sterling. Here you will find a “small town” atmosphere, interesting history, friendly locals and a lively downtown with shops, restaurants, and a brewery. Surrounding Sterling is the natural beauty of the high plains that provides an activity for everyone! Sterling is filled with fairs, festivals and events, so if you plan your trip just right, you may get to experience one!

The 6 Least Visited National Parks in the Lower 48

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the United States has 63 national parks that feature every kind of geographic location imaginable. From deserts to oceans, grasslands to mountains and everything in between. The most visited national parks boast millions of visitors every year, and I bet you can guess the names.

Summer trips to these well-visited parks are on the bucket list of many people, which is great, but more people means more cars, more noise, more traffic, high fees and all the trappings of a big city, existing in these wilderness settings.

Looking for a less crowded experience? We don’t blame you. Try out these six least visited US national parks in the lower 48. We guarantee you’ll find beauty with a little bit of elbow room thrown in for good measure!

Logan: Utah’s heart of the arts

Logan, regarded as Utah’s heart of the arts, is a city of 50,000 people in northeast Utah. An hour north of Salt Lake City, it’s the perfect place to escape urban living. Logan, in the heart of Cache Valley, is home to a range of great activities, from fishing, biking, and hiking, to horseback riding and a Foodie Trek – but that’s just the surface.

Bishop – Winter in a "Small Town with a Big Backyard"

On the eastern side of the Sierra—just behind Yosemite National Park—sits the town of Bishop, “a small town with a big backyard”. The town is chock-full of great restaurants, shops, fascinating museums, and mountain views in every direction. During the hot summer months, outdoor recreationalists flock to the high peaks. Throughout the winter, though, the options for outdoor activities really open up.

Carbon County, WY: Slow Down and Smell the Forest

Did you know, one of America’s best kept secrets might be in Southern Wyoming? Indeed, much of the state’s tourism is to the north in the national parks, while the southern half of the state enjoys a slower lifestyle – but the south offers much you don’t know about. Here’s why you should visit Carbon County, Wyoming. 

Fishing in National Parks: Secret Spots

Have you always wanted to go fishing in national parks? The national parks system has a huge variety of rivers, lakes, and streams—meaning there are plenty of opportunities to throw in a line during your next vacation. Finding good fishing in national parks can be a challenge, especially with the widespread increase in outdoor recreation. Try exploring these five gems that are home to unexpected fishing spots.

National Parks in the United States

Need some help planning your national park road trip? We’ve compiled a list of U.S. national parks by state. Check them off state-by-state or pick a route! Either way,

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Grinnel Glacier Hike in Glacier National Park has incredible hiking


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